Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie | The Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes Q&A

Also known as the longest blog title to date.

Last night I managed to bag some freebies to see two of my more obscure teenage crushes/inspirations host their podcast at Manchester Apollo. This was a real stroke of luck as I’d meant to buy tickets, but forgot to, and was reminded by a lovely email saying that a pair of freebies had my name on them.

The deal was that we watched Jason Mewes’ producing debut, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie during the 1st half, then the 2nd half would take on the form of a Q&A – many of which I have watched on DVD, longing to attend. Obviously I was excited.


For me, Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes (otherwise known as Jay & Silent Bob, or Bluntman & Chronic) have been a silly window back to teenhood, the fact that they’re about 20 years older than me proving that its still okay to laugh at toilet humour and watch sci-fi, and although I couldn’t wait to see the show, I was also a little bit concerned that I’d find them less entertaining now I’m “grown up”.

Well, either I’m not grown up yet, or I just didn’t appreciate their true charm when I was younger.

Obviously the movie was gross, crass and downright inappropriate, which means it was completely perfect and hilarious. For those of you who follow the Jay and Silent Bob saga, this is essentially a tale of Bluntman & Chronic. 100 points to Jay for pulling this out on a first shot, and for $69,000 (haha).

What I hadn’t realised is that, like the Smodcast, this movie was born out of Jay’s staying-on-the-wagon.
I had known about Mewes’ drug problems (it seems just about anyone did, he’s very open about it, which is awesome), but I hadn’t realised the strength & lengths he’d gone to to keep on the straight and narrow.
Congratulations are in order, then, for him passing his 4 year clean & sober anniversary.
Having never been addicted to anything (in fact, having never even tried anything you could get addicted to – SQUARE), it’s hard for me to relate to his struggle, but both him & Kev spoke so emotionally about their friendship was warming.
The fat stoner & skinny sex pest brought many feels to the auditorium.

It wasn’t all talk about addiction, though.
There were a few rounds of “Let Us F**k” and a whole heap of other questions from the bounty of Fanboys & Fangirls in the audience – which is always nice to see.
We got an amazing, heartfelt account of when Kev was invited to the Episode 7 set at Pinewood – all within the constraints of his CDA – so with absolutely zero disclosure, he reignited the passion for Star Wars that I haven’t felt since I was about 10.

Some of the audience questions to Kev & Jay also provoked amazing advice – my particular favourite was “Failure is just success training” which should be on a motivational poster, but also makes complete sense.

So, unlike the big man I can’t chat for hours, I’m not articulate enough, so I’m gonna wind up here.
The short & tall of it is that you should have gone.
It was really good, it made me feel 15 again, and it made me feel creative again, and made me feel brave.

Is this too emotional a response from two old stoners’ on a big ole stage talking about weed and girls?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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