Zerreau No-Rinse Towel Off Shampoo Review*

I haven’t attended any festivals this year, but I have been keeping my eye on this year’s festival essentials for our road trip next year, which will see us tour 2 huge festivals in the Deep South. So, I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to review a new water-free shampoo from new brand Zerreau Beauty.

Zerreau Beauty’s Towel Off Shampoo Foam is designed as a dry shampoo alternative which promises to leave you with “Soft, clean hair – anytime, anywhere” – so for the past 10 days I have been putting it to the test!

The product comes in a fancy looking bottle with a super handy pump dispenser, which I love for hair products as I have a tendency to overuse pour-able products.
I was sent the apple one which smells absolutely delicious, although quite subtle. There is also a strawberry version available which I think I may just order for myself.

The best way for me to review this product is to talk you through how I used it step by step. So, here goes.
(p.s please excuse the excessive selfies!).

1. I waited until my hair was super-greasy. The pictures below show FOURTH day hair. I never go as far as fourth day hair, but I wanted to really test this product thoroughly! So, here is my starting point. (Gross, I know).

photo 1 photo 2

2. For application, I didn’t comb out my hair (I’m at an imaginary festival! I’m using my fingers!) I pumped out a handful of the product (about 3 squirts).
The smell was divine!
photo 3

3. I massaged the foam into my roots vigorously, then more into my ends. I had to use about 10 pumps in total to cover my whole head. I’m really happy, because it smelled delicious. 

photo 4

4. As the bottle says, I began to towel off the foam whilst my hair was still soapy. I have super thick hair, so towel drying it is nearly impossible under any circumstances. I just did what I could. Then I waited until it dried. This bit took quite a while, but if I’d done this before getting ready, I probably wouldn’t have thought it took long at all.
I watched the clock.

photo 1

5. Voila! My hair dried!

photo 2

So, what did I think?

Well, like I said, the product had a delicious scent, not too overpowering, but strong enough to remain on the hair and eliminate the daily odors hair absorbs. This would be especially good for a festival as I’m sure your hair ends up smelling like cigarettes and junk food, just from hanging around other festival seekers.

The formula of the foam is quite impressive, too. It’s not sticky or tacky, and doesn’t leave your hair sticky either. It leaves virtually no scent on your hands, but manages to fragrance your hair beautifully.

I have to admit that immediately I wasn’t super impressed with the results in terms of soaking up grease, however, about 30 minutes after application I noticed that my hair was much cleaner and looked less greasy.

In particular I liked how this product differs from your dry shampoo spray. I’m a big user of dry shampoo but I hate how it can make your hair feel gritty and frizzy, and eliminates shine to a degree that your hair just looks burnt and unloved sometimes. Zerreau’s Towel Off Shampoo did absorb oils and grease plus left a nice shine in my hair which was lovely.

The only downside was that, unlike dry shampoo, it didn’t add volume back to my hair, however this is something easily achieved with some hairspray or backcombing, so its certainly something I can live with.

The verdict?

I’d rate this product a 8/10 for festival or on-the-go use. It’s not something I’d use as a regular alternative to washing hair, but it definitely left my locks feeling revitalised and clean between washing  – and I left washing my hair as long as possible to test it!
Not only that, this is a cruelty free product, which seals the deal for me. It probably won’t replace dry shampoo for me, but it does a very different thing for unwashed hair, and for that, it will now hold a place on my haircare shelf!

Want to try?

You can purchase Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Foam Shampoo here – RRP £6.99 for 180ml.
For a limited time only my readers can get an exclusive 20% off this product when you enter code SUMMER20 at the checkout – which means it will be just over a fiver! Bargain!

Are you interested in this product? Or maybe you’ve already tried it?
What are your thoughts?

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