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So, this weekend has been busy but chilled out – my favourite type of weekend!

Friday ended with a huge bang when I was told I’d won the Hunter Wellies #BeAHeadliner competition – thats £350 to spend on their Original collection. I get more details today (Monday) but it was still a great piece of information to kickstart the weekend with!
Plus, I’ve always fancied a pair of Hunter wellies and I’ve got my eye on some foldable ones for Memphis in May next year.

This news was shortly followed by confirmation that I will be modelling at this year’s Plus North, which is the last weekend in August.
I just hope I’m still considered “plus” by then, as right now I’m teetering on the edge.
Still, the event is about celebrating all types of bodies, not just the traditional model shape/style.
I certainly don’t think I’ll be hovering at a size 6 in 8 weeks – but I hope I don’t fall below a 14 (yet).

photo 3

Saturday I got up super early as it was really bright out, so I watched a little TV then I took a wild chance and cut my own hair.
I was actually really surprised how well it came out, it feels fresher and healthier, and obviously my purse doesn’t feel any lighter.
did do a lot of research before I made the snip, so I wouldn’t advise just chop chopping, but if you fancy a go, I’d definitely recommend doing so – just do tons of research and take your time!

As the weather was dreamy, we also had a little BBQ in the back – nothing too major, just us chowing down on some maple belly pork & super spicy chicken wings.
A few gins later and we were getting experimental, improvising s’mores without graham crackers  (using dairy milk & digestives). They were super tasty.

photo 4

It was lovely sitting among the flowers with Buddha, just enjoying the sunshine. And gin.

Sunday we did a little lawn mowing and as the weather wasn’t quite as nice we didn’t really sit outdoors. I promised myself that I’d complete a 5k since I didn’t do the Colour Run, so I hit the road for a while before doing my ab & leg workouts. I was pooped by 6pm and ready for my chicken dinner!

In between all of this fun stuff, I started planning a teepee DIY for in the reading corner, beside the rocking chair. I don’t really know why I want one, I just think it’d look awesome.
I also did a few minor furniture refurbs with some goodies sent to me for review – so stay tuned for that!

Did you have a nice weekend?

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2 responses to “Weekend Roundup | Everything & Nothing

  1. Hey! I’m modelling too at Plus North (eek!) and like you I’m shrinking…however worry not, I think they are looking for ladies Size 12 plus and if anything’s a bit ‘big’ on you, throw a wide belt on to keep you all in place 😉 That’s my plan anyway 😉

    Love, Marie Betty

    PS – Well done on winning the wellies, if you want to get them and send them to me, I can wear them in a bit for you (off to Kendal Calling at the end of the month; first ever camping trip and DREADING IT!!)



    • Ooh I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s shrinking! hehe I don’t think I’ll drop that much before then, so should be safe! I can’t wait for everybody to get together for this, its going to be so much fun!

      Camping is a blast as long as you accept that you’re gonna get wet and dirty, and that portaloos are a disgrace. Take loooooaaaads of baby wipes is the best advice I can think of!


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