Fitness Challenge Week 5 | The Snack Edition.

As you know I have been working on a fitness challenge – not just adding exercise into my regime but making healthier choices in general.

My current stats haven’t changed from Last Week when I shared my tips for stopping the excuses – but I’m not disheartened. It’s natural to slow down, and some weeks are likely to be better than others.
This week I’ve been working on one of my biggest vices – my love of snacking.
I’m a huge snacker and emotional eater. I over-eat as much as I eat the “wrong” things – so I had to do some soul searching to find my triggers, and some nutrition research to find out what the “right” thing is to eat.

I say “right” – I’m trying to figure out what’s right for me.

I had to really work at this, so if you’re guilty of snacking all day and want some advice for kicking the crisps, chocolate and other nonsense then keep reading!

I found that main trigger is boredom, and at work I was especially guilty of snacking at my desk – more for something to do than out of hunger – the problem is that I habitually snack on things which were high in sugar, fat or other unhealthy junk – and loads of latte.

During my soul searching and researching I kept a food diary for a couple of days and I noticed that drinking lattes at work seemed to contribute massively to a lethargic, bloated feeling.
For the past week I’ve cut out all cow’s milk and I’ve been having almond milk in everything.
For me, this wasn’t a difficult change because I already take almond milk on cereal – the difference is that I can no longer buy lattes at work, which is saving me between £10 and £20 per week. That can’t hurt!
(p.s ultimate almond iced latte recipe is coming soon!)

The key, I found, was to make snacking more interesting – but in order to build a habit of healthy snacking I had to leave myself no choice until my sugar addition (yes, I think I was and am addicted to sugar) had eased off.

I started out by leaving my money at home and bringing fruit along with my lunch  – its easy to transport and gives you a great energy boost. However, fruit is loaded with sugar so I have implemented a no fruit after lunch rule, too.

For afternoon snacking I’ve been bringing sugar snap peas, carrots, hummus and other savoury snacks.

I must admit that, although this week I haven’t had a drop in size, my stomach feels flatter, my legs are more toned from the squats and raises, and overall I’m feeling more energetic.
Toward the beginning of the week I was getting bad headaches and even feeling a little spaced/woozy during the day if I wasn’t having chocolate or sweets – and I didn’t even think I ate that much of it to begin with – but that has started to ease off now.

I’ve even noticed that my sense of smell & taste have improved, which is unexpected and magical.
It’s also frightening that I was clogging my body with so much nonsense that it was starting to affect my senses. 
I’m looking forward to feeling happier, more alert and healtier.

Have you got any other tips for healthy snacking that I could use?
I’m still learning!

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