Fitness Challenge Week 6 | How to Stay Motivated when Injured.

It didn’t take me as long as I anticipated to sustain my first running injury, so this week’s fitness challenge will be slightly different to normal.

Whilst taking on a 5k run last week (in the rain) I took a pretty bad fall and did some damage to my left ankle. I struggled to walk for a couple of days, but it effectively took me off the street for a week.

So, because of that, I’ve been working on how to maintain a fitness challenge when you’re one leg down. I haven’t been able to do my ab challenge (situps, plank, leg raises all require more leg input than you realise) and squats have proved very difficult – so fitness has had to come from just healthy eating, and gentle, shuffling exercise – and a series of “arm days”.

 I have to admit it’s taken its toll on my healthy attitude. It’s amazing how quickly you fall back into the slob lifestyle, and by day 3 I was craving chocolate and falling asleep at 9pm.

I’m due to take to the street again tomorrow (I’d like to go tonight, but I’ve got a thing on), but here are a few ways I managed to keep moving, even when I was off my feet.

1. Wall Sitting.
This is something I picked up from watching Tess Christine on Youtube. Her “Get healthy with me” workouts are pretty good, and I managed to do her Wall Sit using just 1 leg. 
This put some pressure on my upper leg and helped me to feel a bit of strain.

2. Leg Scissors.
This is pretty much what you think it is – great for working inner and outer thighs, and the abs a little bit.

There are a few variations which you can find with a google, but I’ve been busting out around 50 of these instead of running to help my legs feel taken care of.

3. Keep Moving.
Any mother will tell you to keep a sprain moving – don’t let it stiffen up. I tried my best to walk wherever I could, and although cycling to work was out of the question, I managed to walk to the shops a couple times, and still took the stairs at work – which took extra effort.

4.  Abdominal Hold.
I’m both happy to have found this (its effective) and distraught I found this (it’s super hard).
It’s made it into my permanent workout, and I hate myself for it.

5. Don’t lose motivation!
I have written my new mantra on just about everything my eyes were pointed at for the past week.
Don’t swap what you want most for what you want now.
That really helped me not slip back into drinking 2 bottles of wine and a pack of eclairs on day 5 of not exercising.

So, did my size change?
Well, no.
I still feel healthier, but I’ve become a little bloated this week, which I’m putting down to avoiding going getting water at work because of the pain, which was a bad move in the recent heat – but I’m back onto 2.5L per day, and enjoying the hobble to the cooler.
Luckily I haven’t completely reset my goals, my body shape hasn’t changed much this week, which I’m glad of.
In fact, the damage has been more in my head – in the past 6 weeks I’ve grown really fond of my new found active lifestyle, and I’m missing getting out in the fresh air and breaking a sweat.

I never thought I’d be this girl.

Do you have any good tips for staying motivated when you’re injured or off your feet?
Any other tips will be gratefully received!

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