Cruelty Free Swaps | Easy Substitutions for ethical Cosmetics


Since my decision to go Cruelty Free I’ve been meaning to post on what products I’ve swapped over and what impact this has had on me – today is the first part of that. I will be sharing some cosmetics swaps, and this post will be followed by two more – skincare and toiletries. Over the coming weeks I’ll also review the majority of the swap products and link back. I haven’t included everything, just some of the main changes I’ve made – but if there are any other products you’re curious about then leave a comment – I’ve researched pretty much everything over the past few months. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve probably found a good cruelty free alternative for most common products…

I’m not going into the politics of cruelty free – I know its a heated discussion for some people, but I don’t want to be guilty about what I put on my face. I don’t want to think about bunnies, dogs, chickens, mice etc in pain so I can have super long lashes – especially when its not necessary anymore.

Without further ado…


I used to use 2 different types – NARS Sheer Glow for a light coverage, and Estee Lauder Doublewear for fuller coverage. Both are condemned for animal testing (although NARS used to be cruelty free) so I had to ditch the duo.

I switched to Barry M Foundation for a light, everyday coverage and Illamasqua Skin Base for a heavier coverage. Fair enough, Illamasqua isn’t cheaper, but Barry M foundation retails at just £6.99 and lasts for ages. I wear it daily and I am just at the bottom of a bottle bought in late April.


I used to be a huge fan of Benefit’s blushers & tints, but sadly Benefit test, so they had to go! I’ve substituted with Bourjois little round pots, which are really versatile and varied – and good quality!

I also previously used NARS Orgasm, which I haven’t yet found a substitute for. If you have one, holla!

Eyeliner / Mascara.

I used to be a big fan of Benefit eye products – Bad Gal was the winner for me in eyeliner and mascara, so I was sad to have to toss them aside. However, I switched up to Neve Cosmetics kohl pencil and Barry M  Lash Modelling in Extra Black.


Lipstick and balm is the least tough of all – and I thought it was going to be a total nightmare. Obviously Burts Bees is a huge brand in Cruelty Free Cosmetics, and I’ve loved them forever. I invested in a handful of their tinted balms whilst in Tennessee last year, plus you can find a pretty good supply of them in most UK pharmacies. For a more dressed up lip I can’t recommend Soap and Glory’s Fabulipstick enough! Just try it.

Brows & Bronzing.

So, I have quite good brows anyway – they’re dark and full, but I do like to fill them in. I have both the Barry M pencil and the Barry M Brow Palette, both are great and have varying levels of intensity for creating a great brow. I don’t often bronze, but I have a really old pot of bronzing pearls from The Body Shop which are beautifully subtle and have lasted me a good 5 years (with use in summer months only).


This is kind of simple, but something worth mentioning. I’ve never bought animal hair brushes before, and never would. I stick with Real Techniques for the most part, or The Body Shop. I wouldn’t pay MAC prices to begin with – but after discovering they test on animals, they’re totally out of bounds.

So there is the bare basics of how I swapped out cruel cosmetics and replaced it with guilt-free beauty products – and in most cases for much cheaper than I was paying in the Department stores from companies who can afford to fund responsible alternatives to testing on animals.

On the whole I’ve found going CF cheaper – most of the brands above are much more inexpensive than the premium brands I was buying before (although my new picks don’t skimp on quality) plus I’m saving money on Beauty Box subscriptions which can’t guarantee CF products, so I’m already £25 per month up before I’ve bought anything!

Do you/will you buy cruelty free cosmetics instead? Do you have any great CF recommendations?

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