Fitness Challenge Week 6 | Smoothies vs Juicing

This is a much debated question from what I’ve read – and I’ve not really come to set the record straight because a) I’m not a nutritionist and b) everyone’s body is different, so who knows?
However I have developed a personal preference over the past few weeks when attempting to incorporate easier & quicker fruits & veggies into my diet.

I started by reading a heap about juicing, because its faddy and people keep telling you that you can halve your weight in a week or whatever other ridiculous claims they come up with.
I was obviously mesmerized, because you want to believe this nonsense.
A lady in dog club got to telling me about the “science” behind it (and by science I mean Myth).
You eliminate the fibre (and therefore the calories), she said, so it follows that you’re feelin’ fine because you’re getting all of the nutrients, but losing weight because there is nothing solid to collect in your big flabby bowels.
You’re also meant to poo a ton too, so I guess it helps with detox.
Made sense, I thought, so I gave juicing a try.

 I was starving, I had constant heartburn, I was tired and I wanted to die (and thought I probably would relatively soon). What’s more, I didn’t lose weight and my shape didn’t improve.
A bonus was that I didn’t poo tons either, which was convenient.

Juicing, although loved by many, didn’t work for me – and I think I understand why.

By suddenly going from eating like a pig to not eating at all my body was in starvation mode, but also the juices I made were high in sugar. When you remove the fibre from a fruit or veg you’re basically left with sugar water. Or so I’ve read.
Anyway, we all know that too much sugar ends up being too much fat & not enough teeth, so juicing is definitely a no-go for me.

I moved back to smoothies. I say “back” to smoothies like I’ve always “done” smoothies – what I mean is that I’ve had smoothies before. I started with a smoothie for breakfast with at least 1 green veggie with some berries and a banana and whatever else I fancied throwing in, blitzing with a bit of ice & sometimes a few bits of mint or ginger.
The fibre meant that the sugary calories weren’t empty – I was feeling full after glugging down the mixture, and also feeling very energetic and breezy from having something substantial to digest through the morning.
Bananas, I find, are quite filling – so often this kept me going until lunchtime instead of having those good old fashioned Toast Withdrawal Hallucinations around 10am.
I still have heartburn after smoothies most days if I use really tangy fruits, but I can handle it just fine if I’m not starving and weak too.

To be fair, I haven’t lost much as a direct result of this switch, but I feel better, and that’s what matters isn’t it?
My skin is clearer (also attributed to drinking more water) and my hair is shinier.
I feel more alert.
Plus, its only been a week, and good changes take time.

Anyway, my last-year toucan shorts fit me this weekend, and they haven’t fastened for a while, so I’m obviously going in the right direction, right?

What do you prefer?
Juices or Smoothies?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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