Fitness Challenge Week 7 | Super Helpful Products.

I don’t usually rely on speciality products to get me through my life.
I’m not the kinda person who has an app for everything, and I don’t have special shoes for driving/walking/inside the house etc.
However, during my fitness challenge I have found that a few specific products have made the lifestyle changes much easier, so this week I thought I’d share them with you.
Lets just get right into it.

Iphone Armband.
When I run, I use an app to track my distance/time, but I also like to play music through the Iphone so I can drown out my screams of disgust at extended periods of cardio. For a while I just sipped my phone into the waistband of my jogging pants, but obvs it ended up gross & sweats, and was only a matter of time before it fell out & smashed up.
So, I invested in a Yurbuds Armband, which basically fastens around your arm and houses your iPhone. It has a dust/rain cover and allows you to use the touchscreen through it, too. Its pretty nifty, and right now just £18. Nike also do one with great reviews.

A super strong blender.
A big part of my challenge has been eating well, and I’ve felt massive benefits from home-making everything including smoothies and soups which I normally bought from Innocent.
Check my Smoothies vs Juicing post from last week for more on this.
I had a basic jug blender, but upgraded to the Breville Blend-Active for blending iced fruits into luscious smoothies. Its super strong. I have also used it a couple of times to blend up ice & almond milk to add in espresso to make my very own frappuccino, which has been a delight! Which brings me neatly on to my next gadget…

Nespresso Essenza espresso machine.
My parents bought us this for christmas a few years ago and its literally one of the best pieces of machinery I’ve ever owned. I’m including my car & my television in this, so its good.
I love coffee, but since I’ve cut out milk I haven’t really been able to enjoy instant coffee at all – I don’t like it without milk and it tastes funky when you pour it into iced almond milk. So, I’m super grateful that I can churn out a dreamy espresso in 10 seconds every morning, throw it into some Breville Blended ice and almond milk and just hit the road with a coffee that’d be the envy of any starbucks barista. Want the recipe? Check it here.
Its also portion controlled, so its really useful for filling in My Fitness Pal. Thanks, Mother T and Dad!

My Fitness Pal App.
My fitness pal pretty much tracks your food intake vs exercise and gives you a clear breakdown of the calories you’ve consumed during the day. I’m not calorie counting per se, but its useful to see what you’ve actually eaten during the day. Its been especially useful for me to track the quality of my workouts (e.g who knew that cycling to work burned so many calories?) and helped me face up to what I was actually eating. That secret bag of malteasers counts even if you don’t admit it to anyone!

The Internet.
Yep. I love the internet. It has been a source of support, advice and thousands of recipes.
I’ve found workouts to keep going when my bum leg put me on the sofa, and I found ways to increase my current workouts when I was no longer feeling challenged.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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