Weekend Roundup | Skyride Manchester

photo 1[My Bobbin & Mr Kitty’s Trek – Beauty & the Beast]

This weekend saw most of Manchester city centre blocked off to traffic for the annual Sky Ride Manchester – which is a basically an event where up to 15,000 cyclists get to enjoy cycling around the city in complete safety, on a designated circuit.

It’s a fun cycle suitable for all ages, and having discovered I rather enjoy cycling over the past 2 years I had to check it out.

Starting at 10am it looked like the weather might hold – although it was pretty cloudy – and we set off for Albert Square early and I was delighted to see so many happy people on their bikes, wearing their sky bibs, getting ready to enjoy a few hours of group cycling!

photo 2

photo 3As you can see, it was super cloudy, but the rain held off. Here is the sign in area at Albert Square.

The route took us from Albert Square, past Piccadilly, over Gt Ancoats Street and through Miles Platting towards the NCC and Phillips Park Cemetery. It was a circular, so you could also sign up at the NCC and do the circuit in reverse – and it just kept on going. If your legs could handle it, you could cycle round the circuit from 10am til 4pm.

There seemed to be cyclists of all abilities – from proper ripped looking athlete types to children who looked as young as 3 or 4. Parents took their kids in those super cool pull-behind trolleys, or on child seats. We even saw a guy doing it on a unicycle.

photo 4

We took a break at the NCC and visited The Velodrome, which had been opened up for people to do 1 lap on any style bike.
It was really exciting to see, I’ve always fancied a go in the velodrome – except I think I’d freak out without breaks.

We took a little rest at the NCC to watch some events – there were talks from Tour De France cyclists and other events for all the family. We didn’t stay long, but we did watch some kids totally destroy a stunt circuit.
Whenever we visit the NCC I’m always stunned by the fearlessness of kids.

photo 5

We then headed back to Albert Square and did the circuit again, before heading home.
I think in total we covered about 25 miles, although some people did way more, and I’m sure some did less. It wasn’t about the distance or the speed, just about the event.
There were loads of awesome organisations there raising awareness for cycling in the City, like “Space for Cycling” which you can find out about here.

So, my weekend has been active – I think it’s done me good. I feel alive today!
What did you guys get up to?

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