Fitness Challenge Week 8 | An Update.

This Fitness Challenge post is just a general update. I don’t have any tips or tricks to share this week.

I started this challenge 2 months ago, and in that time I have made slow changes to my lifestyle – trying to incorporate healthy actions and eliminate unhealthy ones.
I was never expecting to come out in September with a body like Jessica Ennis – or even finding all my clothes hanging limp from my new, scuplted body, but I did expect to change in some way.

I’m pleased to say that I have changed.
When I started out, my waist measurement was 35.6″ which is apparently 3.6 inches too high to be healthy.
Health has been the main focus of this whole project, and I’m happy to say that after measuring last night I’m now sitting at around 34.2 inches.
So in 8 weeks, with small changes, I’ve managed to cut over an inch.
I mean, I’m still 2.2 inches away from whats medically accepted to be a “healthy” waist, but those are just guidelines and any step in the right direction is a step worth celebrating.
My thighs and calves are more toned, my bum is looking pretty good too.
My stomach, whilst by no means flat, has visibly changed.

The main thing, though, is that I feel so much healthier.
My energy levels have massively improved, my stamina has just miraculously shot through the roof. My skin & hair look better.
My moods are better (although I’m not known for crankiness anyway).

When I started out on the challenge I found myself pegged out after cycling 10 miles, and struggled to run 5k.
Now I’m throwing out 20 mile cycles without breaking much of a sweat, and I’m hoping this week when I hit the pavements again (still recovering from an injury) that I’ll be flying through a 5k.

I also used to find myself craving sugar, caffeine and other things that are just not good for you.
I’ve cut out milk and suddenly my metabolism seems to have improved.
I cut down on caffeine (1 small shot a day) and found myself able to concentrate better.
I stopped relying on an afternoon sugar fix in favour of water and noticed my energy soar.
I’ve also mostly stopped eating meat, but I’m eating lots more fish. This is a change I usually make naturally in summer anyway, but this year its on a much grander scale.

Through all these changes I not only feel better when I’m awake, but I sleep better too (although I’ve never been a bad sleeper).

What I’m trying to say is that I never really prioritised putting effort into being healthy.
I always just assumed that I could do it in a few years, or after Christmas, but having started to make a proper effort I just love it.
Its such a great feeling to look after your body.
I don’t mean to be preachy, but once you’ve gotten past breaking yourself in, its the best!

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