Weekend Roundup

This weekend has been one of the most active I’ve had for months, and I feel so refreshed for it that I might pledge to do an obscene amount of activities more often.

Mr K and I decided to push ourselves to the limit and do a 50 mile bike ride on Saturday.
That might not sound like too much, but it actually was. We had a pretty good pace, and managed to complete it in 5 hours on-the-road time.
That’s pretty good (for me anyway).

We cycled from our house to my Mum & Dad’s in Wigan, then back.

While we were out, we saw some beautiful houses along the Bridgewater Canal in Worsley, which I priced up later, and check out this amazing palace.
I wish I had a spare £370k.

photo 2

photo 3

We got back home around 5pm and basically vegged out for the rest of the night (because what else can you do, really?)

Yesterday I made a start on a really exciting project I’ve been involved in with Direct Blinds.
I made a start decorating the master bedroom, which is something I’ve been planning on doing for ages.
I’m not sharing any of the finished product just yet, but here is what I’m working with…
Oh, possibilities!

photo 1

Don’t judge my bedroom, okay!

So, did you have a nice weekend?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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