Fitness Challenge | Emotional Fitness. Rewritten.

The fitness challenge post this week was set to be about emotional fitness – getting into the right frame of mind to care for yourself, which I feel contributes to your ability to stay physically healthy.

With the tragic news of Robin Williams’ death reaching all corners of the world this morning, however, I have been considering what I’d originally written in favour of something richer. Why touch on the subject of emotional and mental wellness without commenting on the struggle?
After all, they say that you don’t value your health or happiness until its taken away from you.

I am blessed, I have lived a happy life for the majority, with the exception of a few difficult, dark months.
Thankfully I was able to come out the other end happy and healthy, with no lasting problems – but that does not mean that everyone is so lucky, or so able.
I know many people who did and do struggle with depression and other mental health issues – some more secretly than others – and sadly some less successfully than others.

Instead of what I was going to say about changing your attitudes to life, which I have found useful, there is really just one thing I want to make very clear.

There is the opportunity of help and hope for everyone.
The help and the hope might not feel like it exists where you are,  but if there is one thing I maintain about the human race, despite all the wickedness it can commit, there is always a collection of good hearted people who just love.
Find them – whether that quest starts with your mum, your GP, your partner or a complete stranger.

There are tons of resources for support with mental wellbeing.
UK readers can find the NHS helplines here.
You can find other resources here. 

Don’t think that it can’t affect somebody you know because they don’t seem sad.
If it can affect Genie from Aladdin, Mrs Doubtfire and Peter Pan and it can beat them.
It’s real, its scary and its often invisible to onlookers.

I think the only real, solid advice I can give is that you never know what someone is dealing with.
Be kind. Always.

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge | Emotional Fitness. Rewritten.

  1. i am sure everybody is there to support but in the end you are an individual with your own struggle; nobody faces them in your behalf. Our efforts should aim for achieving that required balance in life; weight, wellness, mind, soul and in fact everything that makes us content comes under it. Be positive, love deep, learn more and think less (and keep sharing awesome post) 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Samara – I completely agree with you. Personal struggles are often the hardest to deal with, because of their very nature – but there is support for everyone. The thing with people is that they try to do so much alone, but everyone needs someone.


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