Road Trip Wardrobe | France

If you’ve been reading for some time you’ll know I always share a guide to what I’m packing for my trips. I go on different kinds of trips – none of which seem to share packing restrictions.

This time we’ll be visiting France for a 9 day Road Trip, travelling in an Audi A5 convertible with 4 people and limited luggage space.
We need to take bedding as well as the usual holiday stuff.
It’s a countryside holiday, with the potential for a cheeky jaunt into Paris for the day – so comfort is essential, but a chic option is probably necessary too.
I mean, who goes to Paris without paying attention to their wardrobe?

Anyway, I have a super teensy bag to pack – a gym bag, in fact.
Here is what I’ll be packing!


Stripe jumper – H&M | Jeans – George at Asda(Sold Out) | Tshirt – H&M | Moringa Body Mist – Body Shop | Bikini top & bottoms – Primark | The Little Mermaid Tshirt –Found on Polyvore, Similar DIY coming up|High Waist shorts – River Island | Sandals – Birkenstock | Running shorts – River Island (sold out)| Breton top – H&M | Lush  Sunscreen – Lush (new version)| Cardigan – H&M(Sold Out)| Make up Bag – SewLomax | Denim Shorts – H&M | Harry Potter T-shirt – American Apparel (sold out) | Flip Flops – Old Navy (old)

Phew! What a mouthful!

Aside from that I have completed a couple of DIY tops, and will be taking yoga pants for the journey in the car.
Comfort above all!

Stay tuned around this time next week for super light packing tips and how to decide what to bring, cosmetics wise,in conjunction with Sew Lomax!

Bon Voyage!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01



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4 responses to “Road Trip Wardrobe | France

  1. Don’t wear flats in Paris! Your feet will die. Take it from a lady who’s spent many a weekend in the city! Get some chic chunkier soled slip ons if you plan to walk a lot 🙂 I love the little mermaid tee! I recently got a Jasmine one from Primark, loving their snazzy animated character tees at the mo!
    Enjoy your road trip 🙂 x


    • haha thanks 🙂 I’ve actually got some trainers I’ll be taking which just wouldn’t fit into the picture! I haven’t been to Paris for many years, but I mostly remember blisters and tired feet lol.
      I saw the Jasmine tshirt the other day, had to resist buying it so hard! Its lovely – I’m holding out for an Ursula one…


  2. Love the wardrobe choices, but the only think I would reconsider for a jaunt to Paris is the footwear – ballet flats would be a far chic-er option!


    • Thanks for the comment! You’re quite right about the flip flops! Not great in a city! I do have some trainers I’ll be bringing, but in all honesty they wouldn’t fit into the grid so I had to cut them from the post! Nevertheless they’ll be my travelling shoes, so won’t miss out! 🙂


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