The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Launch

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Last night I was lucky enough to attend the official launch of The Body Shop’s new product range – Wild Argan Oil – at the Trafford Centre.
Before I get in too deep, I want to share some really awesome information about the range. The argan oil used in this range is produced by a Moroccan women’s cooperative which focuses on fair wages, education and wellbeing of the female employees. This was started by a woman, for women, in 2003. The Body Shop’s new range has secured a sustainable, fair income for the women. Wonderful!

The range consists of 8 products, all containing argan oil sourced from Morocco, obtained by the cooperative.
The products can be found here but are currently only available to buy in store.
The inspiration for the range comes from the Moroccan Hammam bathing ritual where families will pay a weekly visit to the local hammam to bathe, exfoliate and generally practise body care.
The belief is that a glowing body reflects a healthy, glowing soul – and thats the aim of the Wild Argan Oil range.

During the event I enjoyed a back/neck/shoulder massage and a hand massage using these products – and I have to say I was really impressed.
I got to try the Miracle Solid Oil, Body Butter, Rough Scrub and Radiant Oil.

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The thing I most notice about Body Shop product is the scent, and the Wild Argan Oil collection is no exception. I’d say this is the most spa-like fragrance from the Body Shop – its almost almondlike in aroma, super soothing and very luxurious.
I’m often reluctant to use oil products as I find them greasy, but my hand massage using the rough scrub, body butter, radiant oil and solid oil was wonderful, and rather than greasy I just found it made me feel nourished.
The masseur used the solid oil as a cuticle balm, and advised its great for toes too.
I noticed a visible difference in the glow of my skin when she was finished, and the rough scrub left my hands super smooth.

Obviously no event is complete without a goody bag, and I was super impressed with the one we got to take home, which I’ll be blogging separately over the weekend – although it didn’t include any of the new range it did include some old favourites (and new favourites) plus I made a few purchases from the Moringa range, which smells divine.

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There were also some Moroccan inspired snacks & drinks!
3 cheers for refreshments!

In a nutshell, I had a wonderful time and want to thank the Body Shop crew for organising such a wonderful event with such careful attention to detail. I felt ultra welcomed by everybody, got to meet some lovely professionals and learned a lot about the products.
Plus I’d wholeheartedly recommend trying the new range, I went in dubious as I’m a tried-and-tested kinda gal, but I’m converted!

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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Launch

  1. I’m so jealous! I completely missed the Argan Oil Launch entirely due to having three weeks off to hang out in a field (festival season ahoy) and had forgotten about it until I’ve seen a few reviews crop up whilst battling the work load this week. I haven’t been into the shop to try it out but I’m already holding high hopes for this range.


    1. hahaha i’d much sooner spend 3 weeks in a field and give up a few hours in a shop, but it was a great night. The products I got to try were a dream, very spa-like and pretty reasonably priced too. I’m slowly starting to shred every other shop in favour of the body shop!

      What festivals did you get to? 🙂


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