Road trip | Packing your make up with SewLomax

As you may know, I’ll be venturing off to France in a couple of weeks on a road trip touching on Disneyland, Paris, Reims and the Somme memorials.
You might also know that Mr K & I have a road trip around the Deep South planned for next April, so this is a perfect test run for us to get our packing right!

I was worried about what to take – fitting 4 peoples worth of luggage into an Audi A5 cabriolet is going to be tough, and cosmetics were starting to feel like a luxury I could do without.
Just then, SewLomax sent me this beautiful Beach Hut cosmetics bag and I knew I’d struck gold.
Aside from being super sweet, its just the right size to house all the 10-day essentials.

photo 2Front: The Beach!

photo 3Back: Wish you were here

Sew Lomax specialise in beautifully embroidered bags and accessories – all designed by Emma Lomax. Read more about them here and prepare to fall in love with her beautiful designs!
Plus, while we’re talking about it, there is currently a funding project for an app to customise your own SewLomax creation. Read more about it here, and donate £35+ to get a free trial of the app & a bag of your creation.

The style I chose was from the collection at and is called Beach Hut.
The design is adorable – like a beach postcard, complete with stamp and a cute message on the back.
It’s about 15cm high and 25cm wide, and incredible quality for the price.
There’s a concealed zip pocket inside too, which I’ll be using to pack a billion bobbie pins, because lets face it, they never seem to hang around for long.
If you like what you see, you can get 10% off at SewLomax with my exclusive discount code:

So, you’ve seen how sweet the bag is. Now… what else am I going to pack into it?

light packing

Yep. That’s it.
Some of these are dual use products, but let me talk you through my selections.

 Nars blush. I know I blog cruelty free, and NARS are no longer cruelty free, but I bought this product years ago and I’m trying to use it up. I won’t repurchase, and I would encourage you to purchase the MUA dupe instead.
 Lush “Aromaco” deodorant bar. This is seriously wonderful and takes up way less room than a spray. I snapped a small cube off mine to travel with. Handy!
Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint conditioner – travel size. This smells awesome and doubles as shaving foam!
MUA Extreme Volume mascara – only £2 but portable, cruelty free & effective!
Body Shop Moringa soap. This matches my perfume and lathers beautifully, so its great to use it as shampoo before using the conditioner.
Burts Bees tinted lip balm. I bought mine (shade Peony) in Nashville a few years ago, and its probably gross to still be using it, but I love it.
 MUA Eyeliner pencil. Mine is sharpened like billy-o so its really teeny, and takes up hardly any room! Also cruelty free!
Superdrug Sensitive Whitening toothpaste 25ml. Just the right size for 2 of us, cruelty free and super minty. The box is a bit cumbersome, but who needs the box?
Real Techniques beauty blender. Super squidgy & fits into the teeniest of spaces – much more portable than a foundation brush.
 Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation. This is light and airy, has a pretty good coverage and lasts surprisingly well for a £5.99 product.

Phew! Thats one long post.
Don’t forget to visit the Sew Lomax website and use the discount code – you won’t be disappointed.
Also, if you have any packing light tips, or dual-use products to recommend then leave a comment!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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