Fitness Challenge | Finale!

Way back in June I began a fitness challenge with a view to feeling healthier, losing a bit of tub and changing my lifestyle in a positive way.
I just want to be clear that this isn’t a “get super skinny” mission, but I had identified that I was feeling sluggish, unhealthy and something had to change.

My aim was to have made some changes by 1st September, and to measure the improvements after 12 weeks.
I had wanted to drop 2 dress sizes – ambitious – but not an indicator of health.
I wanted to see myself improve my fitness, and I wasn’t 100% certain how I’d accomplish that…
So, did I succeed?

Well, it depends how you look at it.
No, I didn’t drop 2 dress sizes (only 1, but I’m not far off the 2nd) but I did have an amazing revelation.
I learned that my body is a good body, and that when I treat it well, it works better.
If I eat well, stay hydrated, rest properly and avoid unnecessary toxins I can run further, concentrate better and as a pleasant symptom, look better.
If I stick to mostly looking after myself my body naturally slims itself, clears the skin, makes the hair look shiny.

For everyone older than 15 this probably seems blatantly obvious – and although I knew it deep down, I needed personal proof before it seemed essential to incorporate healthiness into my life.

I went from getting breathless after a brisk walk upstairs in June to being able to comfortably bust out a 5k run without any gripes – and I’m only getting fitter.

I’ve also learned tons about my body. What it likes, what it doesn’t, when its getting sick, when it needs a rest.
I noticed things by listening to my body that I’ve been ignoring for ages.

I finally managed to attribute short temper with things I’d eaten (or not eaten), or lack of concentration with sleep deprivation.
Life doesn’t seem half as mysterious when you’re looking after your main machine.

In summary, although the Fitness Challenge series is over, my fitness challenge isn’t over.
You can always be fitter, you just keep raising the bar.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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