DIY Band Tee to Vest.

Don’t you find it frustrating that they make all the good band tees for men? I mean, without the shaping that makes them look good on a woman’s body instead of like PJs?

I do!

When Mr Kitty confessed he was going to ditch one of my favourites from his tshirt collection due to a hole in the sleeve, I decided to take the opportunity to try restyling a baggy monstrosity into a female-friendly piece. You know what I discovered? It literally couldn’t be easier.


You need
1x tshirt
Tailoring pins.

1. Put on the tshirt, and carefully pin under the arm how far down the “body” of the shirt you want the armhole of your racer back to start. Take off the tshirt.
2. Lay the tshirt on a flat work surface, as straight as you can, with the hems lined up.
3. Carefully fold the tshirt in half lengthways (sleeve to sleeve) and then iron it flat.
4. Using the chalk draw an outline of the new armhole – it should be a semi-circle, and the bottom bit should start from where you pinned earlier.
Mine was quite a dramatic one to create the racer back. I forgot to take pics, but there is a good illustration here.
5. Do the same around the neck hole.

That’s the basics of it, which will give you a simple racerback. I didn’t hem anything because the tee was jersey material, and I like the rolled-up look.
However, when I tried the tee on it looked a little unshapely around the bust.
Easily solved by adding this little detail:


I basically cut 3 lengths of jersey from the cutoffs, tied a knot in the end & plaited it up.
When I got to the end I tied it, wound it around the top of the “Y” section of the back a couple of times (roughly where it would sit between your shoulder blades) and secured it with a couple of stitches,

Et, Voila.

 I know this isn’t the most prim of DIY’s but I figure for what is essentially a redneck fangirl tshirt, looking a little rough & ready works better than clean cut.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go and deep fry some catfish & hush puppies.



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