Visiting France: Disneyland, Paris.

Last week I visited L’Aisne, France & I thought it’d be fun to share a few snaps from each milestone on our trip – starting with a couple of nights we spent in Disneyland Paris on the drive down.

photo 2

I first visited Disney when I was 6 years old – but that was DisneyWorld, Florida. I’d gotten myself so excited that I believed when I got off the plane, I’d be there in the park. Words can’t describe the magic of the first time you clap eyes on Cinderella’s castle, and that magic has stayed with me since then.

photo 1

Main Street, the entrance to the park.

photo 4The entrance to The Haunted Manor – which was as good as ever (even in French)

photo 5

The one thing I can never properly remember from my youth is the firework display. Fireworks used to really scare me, so I never really paid attention to the Disney ones when I was smaller.
This time, though, the park closing was celebrated with the “Disney Dreams” show, projected onto the castle. It was breathtaking and, to be honest, I was so amazed I didn’t take any photos.
I did pap one of the castle before the show, though.
All I can say is Google It.

photo 3

We stayed in The Magic Circus Hotel, which is on the Disney Park Hotels complex along with about 5 others.
It was really lovely, and despite my expectations, wasn’t as jam packed with Kids as I imagined.
As you can see from the photo of the foyer, it was vintage circus themed, and had tons of cool memorabilia, including old posters, costumes and these 3 crazy wire horse sculptures.

photo (2)

Our room was beautiful, and had a delicious view of the lake & grounds of the hotel too.
It was a little pricey (8 Euro for a small glass of wine) but for a couple of nights, it was manageable.
Coming back to the room to gaze on the expanse of countryside was relaxing enough to shake off the buzz of a day enjoying that famous Disney magic.  

So, the start of our holiday was nuts – a day enjoying the most magical place in Europe. The only downside was that Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for refurbishment, which was a shame since its one of my favourites.
The Tower of Terror, however, remained open – and as terrifying as ever.



3 thoughts on “Visiting France: Disneyland, Paris.

  1. I’ve always wondered if the different Disneylands is California, Paris, and Tokyo were any different than Disney World in Florida. It seems like there are some differences at least in the way you’re describing your experience. When I went to FL we stayed there for a week, but never got to see the fireworks display, got to stay in a fancy hotel (we got to stay somewhere else that was for the foundation that we went through!), go to Epcot (I’m still mad at myself!), or go to the beach. 😛 It was still a fun time though! Only rained once and snowed in my home state. Lol


    1. Thanks for the comment! I have been to the FL one too, and in all honesty EuroDisney doesn’t even come close to comparison. The rides are similar, but the atmosphere is diluted a little. Don’t get me wrong, its great, but its not got the same level of zing!

      For starters, they don’t have Epcot which is my favourite of the parks. Their version of MGM (Walt Disney Studios) is very small, and doesn’t have any of the sit-down cinema experiences. The “Magic Kingdom” park is pretty similar (although much smaller) and the parades don’t happen there – or if they do, I’ve never seen them. The streets feel too small to host a parade to be honest.

      I miss the simple things from EuroDisney, like the Hall of Presidents and seeing characters around the park. There’s no Splash Mountain, which is a shame. Its great for a short-haul reminder of that childhood magic, though!

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      1. Well thank you for explaining all of that! I can kind of understand how everything would be much smaller compared to Disney World. I thought my family and I got to meet Goofy and Pluto on our trip there. After being tricked by our mom by going on Splash Mountain, my sister and I were more less than pleased with her and we basically got punished by going on the train and finding a section of the park were all of the characters were at and never going to see them. That was the lamest day ever. Lol


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