Bucket List |Riding Disney’s Hot Air Balloon [Panoramagique]

photo 1

A few weeks ago I penned my work-in-progress Bucket List. When I wrote it, I didn’t realise that completion of one of the tasks was just around the corner.
On my recent trip to France I was lucky enough, along with my Mum & Mr K, to take my first (and long awaited) Hot Air Balloon ride.

Now, it might not “count” in some ways – it was the Panoramagique balloon at the Disney Village, so it was tethered to the dock, but boy am I glad it was – although it was an amazing experience, I couldn’t help but feeling a bit vulnerable on our ascent.
Technically, it wasn’t “hot air” either – but the same sensation without all the potential for bad things to happen. Just the way I like it.

Although we didn’t venture off into the vast blue sky, we were afforded insane views of the region, in one of the biggest Hot Air Balloons on the planet.

In fact, I’m just going to go ahead and let the pictures do the talking.

photo 2

View of the Launch Pad from the ascent.

photo 3

The balloon seen from the Disney Village Boulevard.

photo 4

View from the basket, on the way up.
You can see Space Mountain in the top right, the Castle (faintly) between the two ropes, and Thunder Mountain just beside the first rope from the left.

photo 5
nother view from the basket – the castle is towards the right of the picture, Thunder Mountain more central, and who knows what else you can see!

I’m so glad I took this 12 Euro opportunity to check an item off my bucket list – having 1 item done so quickly has made me feel invincible, like the whole list is very much within reach!

I’d love to have a go in a real Hot Air Balloon now – would you?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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