Visiting France | Chateau Pierrefonds, Champagne Region

photo 4

Since we were so close by to Chateau Pierrefonds during our recent trip to France we decided to pay a visit.

You might recognise this place from The Man in the Iron Mask or even the BBC show Merlin – since it was the set for both. I found this out after I visited, and declared that it could have been used for Kingslanding in GOT.

photo 3

The history of the chateau is pretty impressive – originally the site of a 12th Century castle which lay in ruins. In 1392 it was kiven to Louis, Duke of Orleans. He started to have it refurbished but his death left it unfinished.
It was beseiged in the early 1600s and pretty much completely destroyed.
It then lay in ruin for over 200 years, until Napoleon I bought it in 1810 and restored it as an homage to medieval architecture. Years later, Napoleon III funded further refurbishment of the castle. Its all pretty interesting, but probably more-so if you’ve visited.

photo 2

Visually, the chateau is very impressive. From the village you can see it looming on the hilltop – majestic and peaceful, and clearly pregnant with history.

photo 3
From inside the grounds & the castle itself, the sights are even more impressive. Original artworks, architecture and sculptures from as far back as 12th Century.

photo 5

Kind of like this Knight (picture c/o Mr K)
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few snaps from our visit there. If you’re ever near Compiegne or anywhere in Picardy, for that matter, it’s worth a visit.

photo 1

The surrounding village is lovely too – after our visit we sat by the boating lake & had coffee and pastries among a lovely flower garden. Bliss!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


3 thoughts on “Visiting France | Chateau Pierrefonds, Champagne Region

    1. Yeah I felt like I was actually in the past – I found myself prancing around like I was Cersei Lannister or something.
      I’ve visited tons of castles and chateaus, and this is about the only one I’ve ever been to where I didn’t feel “watched”. Except for the in “catacombs” in the dungeon, I felt plenty watched down there! 🙂

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