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With festival season on the out, I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps about planning for my 2015 assault on the festival circuit (I’m starting in April at Jazzfest, New Orleans and working right through to August). All the cool festival products have been discontinued until the new Spring Summer collections launch after Christmas, and by then I’ll be in full-blown Memphis in May panic mode.

As if by magic, I was contacted by Viking Direct to ask if I’d like to review one of their Energizer Portable Smartphone Chargers. This request came just in time for my visit to Leeds fest, but I only just got around to posting since I’ve been on holiday (spoiler: the charger was a total godsend for both!)

I received the Energizer XP2005 Portable Smartphone Charger (£19.99) and was so eager to get going with it that I let my phone battery drain as soon as possible. If you have an iPhone 5s you’ll know this is no easy task (if you have an iPhone 4s, you’ll know it only takes about 20 minutes).

What struck me about this product first is how portable it actually is – its really small, about half the size of an iPhone and roughly the same width. That means it slipped easily into pockets, bum-bags and small soulder satchels with ease – 100 points to energizer for dinkiness.
Its also a sleek black design with a hidden screen, which lights up when you plug in your device to charge and displays how charged the charger is (does that make sense?).

So… how did it fare on the festival scene?

Aside from its portability, it’s a pretty smart bit of kit. It charges by USB and doesn’t take long to charge itself – brilliant. It also has a USB input for whatever device you’re charging on it – meaning its perfect for any mobile phone that has a USB Charging facility (most newer models do). I suspect it’d also be handly for a last burst of life in an iPod, Kindle, Camera or even e-Cigarette too.

The instructions provided suggest it might charge an iPhone 5s fully once, and still have some juice left for another little booster. If I’m honest, I didn’t find this to be true – I plugged my phone in at 6% charge and the energizer charger had gone flat before the phone broke 95% – but it did allow me to keep the phone running long enough to pap Blink 182 (my priority) with a bit of strategic energy conservation, plus it had enough for me to use the SatNav function to get back onto the motorway on the way home! What more do you need?

In all, I think this is a lovely little addition to a festival must-have kit – there’s nothing worse than your phone dying, and if you want a bit more juice, Energizer also make 2 more powerful models above the XP2005 which should do the trick.
You fan find them here.

Just as a quick afterthought, I slipped the portable charger into my handbag on a girls night out recently, too. Let me tell you, at 2am when you’ve lost your friends in the club and your pizza is going cold, having enough battery to call a taxi (or find your buddies) is an amazing relief! It’s worth the £19.99 just so you don’t end up alone – or, lets face it, so you can take a few extra group selfies in the queue to the toilet!

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