En Brogue | OOTW with Clarks Shoes

Recently I was contacted by Clarks Shoes and given the chance to select an item from their store. I was super excited – obviously Clarks is a well renowned brand synonymous with quality and comfort.

I couldn’t wait to get shopping – I’d had some ideas floating around for some versatile autumn shoes for a while, and had been shopping around for brogues – but I hadn’t seen any that tickled my fancy.
What luck, then, that Clarks had just the shoe for me!

I visited the Manchester Fort store in search of the Compass Realm Brogue in Red – however when I got there they didn’t quite take my fancy as much as the same shoe in black – and so I selected the Compass Realm Brogue in Black (£49.99 in store, £44.99 here) and was immediately flooded with awesome outfit inspirations for them.

In fact, I decided I’d jolly well wear them all week – and here are a few snaps from the outfits I styled with my new IT shoe.

1. #LFW
photo 1

No, I didn’t go to anything to do with LFW because I’m not that interested, but I would say this is the sort of thing I’d wear if I was attending – stand out by blending in? I really like accessorizing in Autumn and I picked up the red felt hat for £2 from a charity shop last year – it’s a teensy bit too small for my head, but for a still day it does a great job of dressing up an outfit.

2. Geek Chic.

Image-1 (1)

Actually, I have to be honest. The majority of these outfits are “geek chic” – but I figured the check shirt in particular made this one worthy of the title. That plus the CBGB sweatshirt is one I bought when I was 15 and visiting New York – when I wore it back at school for Non Uniform day it was to shrieks of “Geek” and “Goth”.
I love how the brogues create an on-campus look when paired with these mustard treggings from Uniqlo, and a shirt – so simple, perfect for lazy Sunday coffees with friends – or book club.

3. Prim.

photo 2
I very rarely stray from smart casual in my wardrobe (emphasis on the casual there) so I felt really dressed up in this last-season peter pan collar dress, thick tights and the “McQueen Inspired” scarf which I picked up in Shanghai last October.
I love this kind of look for a working lunch, not that I often attend them.

4. Intarsia.
photo 4
I love this jumper – even though it was super cheap and might even look a bit frumpy. Its cute, and looks sweet with a long white shirt & jeans.
With the brogues, however, I styled it with turned up 501’s and a black tee underneath (its not in the picture – it was an afterthought).
I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling this is a look I’ll be all over in early 2015. If I had an ankle bracelet, I’d wear it here to draw the eye to the brogue.

6. Plain Jane.

photo 3

What’s wrong with just being plain?
NOTHING – I just threw on some 501’s & a plain black tee with the brogues one day, and  hey presto! A shabby outfit turned into a made-half-an-effort outfit.
Of course, it was nippy – so I added in this amazing oversized tartan scarf which I got for Christmas last year & has been my most worn thing in ever.

6 & 7. No shoes at all.
Over the weekend, I refused to wear shoes. I’m a big believer in doing your thinking with the wind between your toes – so I didn’t put on any shoes pretty much the whole time. Even when I went across the road to Mr K’s gran’s.
However, the brogues I chose were super comfy and I’ve worn them to death already!

My verdict? I love these shoes.
I wasn’t sure before I bought them whether I was a brogue type of girl, but now I can say with firm certainty that Yes, I am.

If you’re not the brogue-y type but still fancy a gander at some smart but chic footwear, then check out the rest of their smart shoe range here & if you treat yourself be sure to let me know what you bought!



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