#EarlyBirdChallenge | Seeing the Sunrise in October.


Did you know that the average person gets to enjoy 25,000 mornings in a lifetime? I didn’t.
When I teamed up with the guys at Free Office Finder  to take part in the #EarlyBirdChallenge this struck a chord with me. Am I wasting 25,000 mornings on bad breakfast and ironing my work clothes? Are you?
Although FOF are dedicated to finding workspaces that increase productivity, they have an unusually deep understanding of the necessity of having a “full” life experience in order to be happy, productive and fulfilled in a career, and want to extend the awareness that life doesn’t start & end at The Office (Dunder Mifflin or otherwise). It’s important to appreciate and utilise your free time for a happy & healthy life.

It was with this go-get-em spirit that I came up with a plan to spend a whole month licking the lid of life by getting up 1 hour earlier every morning during October, and seeing what sort of amazing changes it might make to my life. Or not.
I have to be honest, I’m already an early riser. It’s rare to find me still in bed at 6.30am – but the more I smugly considered this, the more I realised that I don’t actually do anything with that time. In fact, I usually just lay on the sofa for an hour, scrolling facebook. Why?
My plan was simple – stop wasting time on nothing. I work a shift pattern, so this means I’ll waking up between 5am and 6.30am every morning for the whole month of October. I am allowing myself 1 morning off, on the 18th, since we’ll have celebrated Mr K’s birthday the night before – but even then I’ll be setting my alarm for 8am (hangover or not!).
I’ll be keeping a log of what i’m doing, how I’m feeling and how the #EarlyBirdChallenge is affecting me, and I’ll report back now and again throughout the month. For more frequent updates check my Twitter and Instagram feed.
Keep your eyes peeled in Early November to see a full post about how I get on, whether I love it or whether I’m gonna go back to lounging on the sofa!
Before I get going, though, I wanted to share some ground rules that I’ve set for myself.

1. No social media for the first hour – except a tweet every few days to prove I’m actually up!
2. Every morning will start with a cold water face splash – get the juices flowing.
3. No laying back down once you’re out of bed. Not even on the sofa.

So – thats it. Simple.

I am going to set myself a bit of a structure – I want the time to be mentally and physically valuable. I’ll spend some of my extra time learning, some getting out and about in new places, and some just seeing what happens. I’m hoping some weekends will be spent seeing local things – events, but also natural things (like, is there really deer in heaton park?) and some weekdays I’ll be taking the force of unstoppable brightness into work with me.
If you have any suggestions on something cool I could try pre-8am then by all means leave a comment!
Living in Manchester, I’m probably nearby to many awesome things I could try that I just don’t know about.
Do you know a great place to do good morning yoga? Can you recommend a brilliant vantage point for watching the sun rise?
Maybe there’s a 6am dance class in the city that I’ve been missing, or an early morning must-try cup of joe?
Come on guys, lets start living!

So, with that promise made to the internet, Free Office Finder and myself, I’d better get cracking. Today is day 1, after all!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


4 thoughts on “#EarlyBirdChallenge | Seeing the Sunrise in October.

  1. What a fab idea! I’m not a morning person at all and have proved this by only being awake for half an hour. I like your idea of banning social media in the morning and not sitting back down. I often waste time doing these. I think from tomorrow I’ll have to give this early bird thing a go 🙂 Who knows, I might change my lazy ways?!


    1. hahah well I hope it goes well for you! I made a point of starting off today with something exciting – I’m an early bird but its been an adjustment from getting up and laying back down. We went out for breakfast at 6.30am (Mr K wasn’t very happy at the changes to his usual 8am getup!) but even on day 1 I feel more motivated. I’m not sure if its the early getup or the smoked salmon & scrambled eggs, but I like it haha.

      Let me know how you get on if you give it a go 😀


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