ChocShot | Delicious Vegan Hot Chocolate


I’m not vegan, but I don’t take dairy wherever I can help it – especially cows milk in drinks, and unnecessary dairy in chocolate products. As a result, I’ve been using Bourneville cocoa for years when making hot chocolate, and really not enjoying it as much as I should.

 I recently learned about a product called ChocShot, from Sweet Freedom.

ChocShot is basically liquid chocolate. Its 100% natural, gluten & GM free and totally vegan.
It has around 25% less calories than normal hot chocolate, has low GL and is suitable for diabetics.
It’s all of these things, but with a ton of flavour!

I read about the product a while ago, and have kept my eyes out for it when I finally noticed ChocShot on the shelves of my local Tesco last weekend. My heart did a little jump.
At just over £3 it’s not cheap – but I decided to take a risk and see how it measured up to my normal hot chocolate.

Boy, oh boy! I am so glad I did.
I usually have just 1 or 2 hot chocolates a month, but since Saturday afternoon I’ve had at least 4.

It’s super simple to make.
You heat up the milk (I use almond milk exclusively – it has fewer calories than regular milk and tastes super creamy) and then stir  in just 1tsp of ChocShot.
It dissolves like a dream, in about 5 seconds or so, and doesn’t leave clumpy residue in the cup like some other hot chocolate products.

What I love about ChocShot is that its squeezy & versatile, so you can use it to swirl chocolate on top of whipped cream to make a really fancy drink like I have above.
I then like to sprinkle on crushed peanut brittle for extra pzazz and sweetness. Mmm.

Could it get any better?

Well… yes actually it can. You can also use this for swirling into porridge, spreading on toast like nutella and in cold milk for milkshakes (although the dissolving time is longer).
So, is it worth £3 per bottle?
Well, for someone who regularly buys nutella, hot chocolate and nesquick chocolate milk powder, this product is a huge saving – and I’m glad I took the plunge.

Vegan or not, I recommend that you give it a bash!

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