Barry M Aquarium Review | Mermaid

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I know it seems like all I do is review Barry M products. They don’t pay me, honest. I’ve just found a great go-to brand which is both cruelty free and reasonable quality for the price.
The bonus is that they’re very progressive, and release new products, like, all the time.
The bad thing is that those new collections don’t always stick around long.

I didn’t even know that they had launched an Aquarium collection until I ventured to Superdrug on Saturday.
Their offer was spend £7 on Barry M products and get a free Showgirl mascara. I’m clean out of mascara, so I decided to take them up on the promotion (stay tuned for the mascara review in a couple weeks).

I also got a matte lipstick in shade #165, and while I was trying to add this up to £7 I noticed the new selection. I always plump for the matte or gelly shine collections since I like the finishes, but I’ve got all the colours I like now, so I thought I’d give a topcoat a go.

Originally I picked up Atlantis, which is a beautiful purple/gold combo – but then I saw Mermaid. I have a real thing for mermaids. I wanted to be a professional mermaid when I was a kid (I hadn’t thought the logistics through, okay?)
Anyway, I bought Mermaid – and here is what I thought…

IMG_3908[if you could just go ahead and ignore my gross, unhoovered carpet in the background, that’d be great]

I used this over their Matte Black (pictured above) which I absolutely love and first off, I was worried that the glossy glitter polish would spoil the matte, but it becomes a sort of semi-matte look – like wet look leggings – which I really like. The shards of green, blue and gold are so lovely, and they sort of remind me of fireworks – or even spells.
I love a bit of nail bling for winter, and the way the unevenly sized glitter shards catch the light and sparkle is just lovely, and (I know this sounds insane) but I’m sure the effect makes me type faster. (!)

Mermaid goes on really well, the glitter pieces are pretty big but they’re plentiful, so it doesn’t take ages to get an even application across your nails like with some glitters.
The trouble with big pieces of glitter is that they are a bit knobbly when they dry – and if you’re prone to nail picking the temptation is almost too much.
I solved this in a nip by using Orly topcoat – its still lumpy, but the strands of glitter don’t scream “pick me!” as loudly.

Any girl who has ever worn glitter polish will also be familiar with the trauma of removing it.
I’m pleased to report that this is friendlier than most glitter polishes in the removal department – it does take a bit of extra elbow grease compared to standard polish, but nowhere near as much as a full on speckled glitter.

The verdict? I’ll buy another bottle of this before it disappears. It’s perfect for the party season (#NotTooSoon) and I’m pleasantly surprised by how long it lasts. I did my first application last Saturday and it’s still going strong, with no touch-ups. Glitter is quite forgiving that way.

Just try it, yeah? Its only £4.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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