Home Decor Inspiration Winter ’14

I never thought I’d be the kinda girl who was house proud, but then we found a house we just adore and poof – I want all of the house things.
I pride myself on having a homely but unique place to live, and I’m always looking at ways I can update our house but still have that unique touch.

I’ve recently been browsing for some hot homeware, and although I say this is a wishlist, I suppose its more of a DIY To-Do list, since I much prefer creating accessories for the home than I do buying them.

diy inspiration


Octopus Cushions : Modcloth. | Flamingo tealight holder : Debenhams |TestTube Spice Rack : Modcloth | Mr Fox cushion: M&S Home | Knit blanket: Amara | Antler Mirror: Zara Home

The majority of these pieces will be pretty simple to DIY – I’m particularly looking forward to the Octopus printed pillow cases and the Antler mirror – I think these will be really interesting projects and I can’t wait to get cracking on them and share them with you all.
I’ve recently started knitting and right after I complete my first wearable project I’ll be setting about throwing together a beautiful big blanket and then some tree decorations – stay with me. I’m not sharing tutorials on those, but I will share the finished products!

I love the idea of a scientific type spice rack, since I’m somewhat of a mad scientist in the kitchen.
Seriously, all of my meals are like experiments. I’m never going to be a chef, but I could probably rival Heston Blumenthal for creativity.

I don’t know why I think the flamingo ornament is so cool – I’m not sure that I love that its a tealight holder, but I like the idea of having a flamingo ornament. I’d like a nightlight version, perhaps.
It’s a thinker. I’m sure I can come up with something!

I’ve actually surprised myself with this wishlist – I usually go for the intensely colourful, but right now I’m finding myself drawn to clean backgrounds with detailed but sparse prints.
I’m sure I’ll be desperate for tartan and garish clashes nearer to Christmas, but for now I’m going to get working on these projects!
Just imagine how lovely that antler mirror would look with fairy lights draped around the horns?!

Do you have anything on your home wishlist?
How about some home DIY stacking up on the ole to-do list?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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