Wanderlust: Road Trippin’ Canada.

jasper[Jasper, Alberta.]

know Mr K and I have a road trip planned in April. but I’m so taken with the idea of travelling right now.
When I wake up in the morning, my brain is up in the Andes, or by the Mississippi. It’s dipping its toes into the Ganges or slurping up Yang’s dumpling sauce in Shanghai.
I’m feeling a desperate wanderlust & the urge to plan and replan road trips is driving me wild.
Whilst I might not have the bank balance to support it… sharing a few inspirations can’t hurt can it?

Today I’m sharing a really ambitious one that I hope I’ll get to do over 3 or 4 weeks one day. From New York, dipping in and out of the USA/Canada to enjoy a trip all the way to Juneau.
It might not seem like the most sensible route, but it gets in some intense contrast of scenery – and adds some serious miles to your personal mileage.

Check out the route from a way-zoomed-out perspective. *gulp*


Closer view:


These routes are planned with RoadTrippers – an amazing website/app that helps you to plan your road trip with an interactive map – including places of interest, accomodation, camping, food… you name it.
Take a look even if you’re just dream travelling. I can get lost for hours mapping out road trips.

This trip of dreams would take you right the way through Canada.
I tried to plan it to take in Juneau, too. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska – but it just doesn’t appear to be road-trippable.

The above route gives you the following beautiful sights.

1. New York, New York. 

Alright, I’ve visited here before – not somewhere I’m dying to get back to, but a nice city, and a handy place to start out (especially since we’d want to see Niagara Falls).

2. Salem, Massachusetts. 

salemLearn about the witch trials, yo!
Also this route would take us through Boston, so I could get myself a Wahlburger (and maybe a Wahlberg…)

3. Saginaw, Massachusetts.
No photo here, it’s not that photogenic but since it was in that Simon & Garfunkel song, America, I couldn’t plan our route nearby without stopping in.
Even though we aren’t going looking for America, but Canada.

4. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Birthplace of Chris Jericho and probably loads of other people.
I’ve just always fancied it, and it looks like a really charming city.

5. Regina, Saskatchewan
Fun to say, and fun to visit.

6. Calgary, Alberta.

This is the area where Canada starts getting crazy fun. Look at that backdrop!

7. Banff, Alberta. 


This place looks like the birthplace of tranquility.
Just. Look. At. Banff.

8. Edmonton, Alberta.

When I was a teenager one of my best friends was from Edmonton. He went to visit his family there when I was about 15, and when he came home telling tales of his birthplace, I was mesmerized.
I’ve wanted to visit ever since.

9. Jasper Park, Alberta. 


I love a good national park – Jasper Park looks absolutely breathtaking. Even National Geographic couldn’t resist its allure.
I can’t imagine anything more peaceful than to end a Road Trip at this waterside heaven.
Um… Canada… can you live in Jasper Park?

So, what do you think?

Window-planning this has definitely whet my travel whistle, sooo I’m off to take a look at the cost of renting an RV….

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Road Trippin’ Canada.

  1. Ive been to Jasper, Banff, Calgary and New York – all are incredible! This sounds like my dream road trip! I hope you get to do it one day and feel free to stash me in your suitcase!!
    Gemma xx


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