#NotTooEarly |Sharing Christmas Memories

know it’s October, but TranSun are running this really cool competition where you get the chance to win a trip to Lapland. Lapland, yo!

All you have to do is share a post about your favourite Christmas memories. Read more about that here.

This came at a great time as I’m part way through a Not Too Early series – about things that are for Christmas that aren’t to early to start thinking about (recipes, DIYs etc) despite what sensible people tell you.
This is also a perfect time to post because I didn’t get chance to start the Christmas Cake this week as planned… so…anyway….
It’s never too early to remember your favourite Christmas moments, and here is mine!


This is me, enjoying the first Christmas where  I had a little brother, at my Nan & Grandad’s house.

As a child me, my brother & parents spent heaps of time at their house, and Christmas time was their absolute favourite. In fact, it was all of our favourites. We’re a small family, but the love has always been much bigger than our numbers.
My Nan was this lovely dumpling of a lady, with an eternal smile.
She’d always have something cooking, and always have a wiggle in her step. She was big on dancing at the stove.
My Grandad was quiet, but could tell you a story like nobody else. He had that unexpected magic that he must have kept maturing all of his life, just waiting for grandkids.

I remember exactly when this photo was taken. I was a big performer as a kid (among family – NOT at school), and this picture followed a performance I’d done for my little brother.
He’d been born in the April of that Winter, and I was so proud of him that I made up a Christmas performance (in which my Nan & Grandad participated, after some cajoling) just to introduce him to his first Christmas.

We sang him “Clip Clop, Here comes a Donkey” because that was my favourite Christmas song.
He joined in partway through, basically just clapping and banging on stuff.
You can see his sleeve in the picture to the left, when we were that small we spent pretty much every moment together.

If you’re interested, here is me and Stephen, possibly the same night.
We loved that stupid plastic snowman backdrop, as tacky as it was.
How adorable is he, all chubby and bright eyed!


 This seems like such a tiny memory, but when I found the photograph it just catapulted me back 20 years to that happy home. The palace of laughter, and particularly at Christmas, it makes me miss both my Nan and Grandad dearly.

 Whats so magical now, though, is that every year I get to relive all of those Christmas memories in my mind – they feed in to every Christmas experience I have, every gift I wrap, every time I see a robin, everything I do in relation to Christmas has that joy firmly packed inside, because  I have all of these lovely memories in my heart.

 My favourite Christmas memories might have happened when I was tiny, surrounded by laughter – but they’re also the fuel for even more wonderful Christmas memories, in every year I’ve got to come.

Do you have any stand out Christmas memories?
Share them below – I love to hear about Christmas!

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2 responses to “#NotTooEarly |Sharing Christmas Memories

  1. Aww, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Xmas but what lovely memories.


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