#EarlyBirdChallenge | Half Way Point


[Day 3 & 5 – I learn about Veracocha]

From the 1st October I’ve been taking part in the Early Bird Challenge – and today is roughly the halfway point, so what better time for an update?

For the past 15 days I’ve been getting up at least 1hr earlier than normal to enjoy some “me” time – and take on several new activities – in the hope of enjoying a renewed zest for life.
The guys at Free Office Finder have put loads of hard work into proving that getting up earlier contributes to a happier, more-relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. So… am I living proof?

Well, in the past 15 days I’ve done more than I’ve done in the past 3 months combined.
I started Russian lessons (Привет, Россия !), learned to knit and I’m almost done with a first project, went for several runs, wrote an extra 50 pages of my book, had a breakfast date, half-finished a painting, learned a new hairstyle, made cronuts and learned some pretty interesting stats about ancient civilisations.
In fifteen days.

IMG_4129[Day 10 : I start my first knitting project]

I have to admit, my body has taken a bit of a hammering. I’m used to getting up early, but I use my first hour or so to nurse a coffee and come to life, but my rules said I wasn’t allowed to lay back down, and I had to do something with that extra time.

IMG_4101[Day 11, I make Cheats Cronuts for breakfast]

Sure, I was tired for the first couple of days, but I soon began to feel a little bit energized. I have started to look forward to getting up early (much to Mr K’s discontent). I’ve seen changes in my mood and ability to concentrate, but more on that in the summary post.
I’ve seen a definite boost to feelings of creativity, which is pretty good in my line of work – so after 15 days, I’m struggling a little bit, but I’m definitely seeing the benefits.


[Days 2, 6,7 and 9, I practice Russian]

There are a few extra things I want to do in the next 15 days – some new stuff and some old stuff I need to make time for (why not in the morning?). I have a ski-date with my Mum one morning, and now I’m wondering how I’ll fit all of this new stuff in!

Stay tuned, its about to get juicy.



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