Easy Watercolour Skyline Art DIY

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I love to have art in our home that means something to us (also that looks cool) but I’m also a little bit tightfisted. I had been admiring some skyline watercolour prints on Etsy for months which I really liked.
They weren’t super expensive, but they were also pretty impersonal. They came in just about every city you can think of, and all looked a bit too hot-off-the press. I like my art to have character and originality.

Lucky for me I’m not too bad when it comes to the ole creative stuff, so I thought I’d try my hand at a skyline watercolour homage to our favourite city. Memphis, TN (though since the pyramid has now gone, it doesn’t actually resemble Memphis much).

This is super easy and you need about an hour in total to get this done & I threw i together between 7-8am before work as part of my #EarlyBirdChallenge.


You Need:

Masking Tape
Watercolour paints (Mine are cheap tube paints from the £1 shop)

First things first, you need to find a picture of your skyline. If only there were a website that allowed you to look for things like that…

When you’ve figured out that hurdle, you want to print the picture with landscape orientation, across 2 pages (or however many A4 pages equals the length of your canvas). Now, you need to cut it out since you’re using it as a stencil. You need the skyline bit. so cut out the actual image & leave the top of the outline intact.

When you’re all cut out, line up the 2x pieces of A4 to create the full horizon and tape them together so they don’t shift while you’re painting.

Now, lay them onto your canvas and position them how you like. Tape them to the canvas, making sure you don’t tape over the bit you’ll be painting (duh).

On a plastic lid, squeeze out a small measure of each colour you’re using. I went for blues, greens and yellows because all the other colours in my pack were gross.

Using a sponge, and working with the darkest colour first. dab on the paint at random points. I used the darkest 2 or 3 colours to at least outline the majority of the rooftops (since yellow isn’t very visible) and then filled them in with the lighter yellows & greens.

Just keep dabbing until you like the look of the design – this part is the most fun, and sadly the quickest of the DIY.

When you’re done, leave the stencil where it is until it’s dry – just in case it marks your canvas when you try to move it. Mine was touch dry within about 20 minutes.

Remove the stencil & hang.

I guess you could do this with about anything, it wouldn’t really need to be a skyline, that’s just what we wanted.
My brother has already requested an Elvis one, so stay tuned for that.


p.s EW! Is this dull weather spoiling anyone else’s photos?


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