DIY Advent Calendar Project with HobbyCraft.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling really creative, which I often find is a symptom of the approaching festive season for me. I’ve been researching tons of great Christmas projects, and will be sharing them over the coming weeks.

As if by divine intervention I was contacted by HobbyCraft whilst I was planning these projects and invited to DIY an advent calender to show my readers just how fun and easy it can be to DIY a Christmas masterpiece, with just a little help from them.

I was sent the advent calendar shell, some acrylic paint and some wooden advent numbers and let loose to perform a christmas miracle – and I honestly think this was the perfect project to re-introduce me to the wonderful world of crafting after a semi-lengthy hiatus.

 When I received the items I was really impressed with the quality of the calendar. I had expected it to be thick cardboard but its actually more like MDF, and very sturdy! Well worth the £12.99 RRP, especially considering it’s a lovely Christmas decoration which can be brought back out year after year – and it looks way less tacky than the horrid chatacter themed calendars (which despite being 25 and 33, we still have).

First of all I had to decide how to arrange my colour scheme. I had been sent gold and a glittery green glue, but I like a very traditional red, gold & green décor over Christmas so I picked up a tube of red & green too, and I was good to go. Deciding how to distribute the colour is hard, and I was totally spoilt for choice. After much deliberation I decided to opt for a green background as the dark would help the red & gold drawers pop – and I was right!


 I love the mish-mash of colours over Christmas so I wanted a few different designs for the drawers. I toyed with the idea of doing each drawer a different colour or pattern, but aside from being time consuming, I wasn’t sure if it would flow if I did that. Instead I opted for red & gold drawers, with a handful of tricolour spot print ones – all with contrasting handles. My theory was that if it looked bare after that I could always pattern over the plain drawers, but now it’s finished I’m glad I went for a simple design instead of a more complex one – I just love the simplicity of it.

The fairy lights are just pinched from a house plant, I wanted to give an impression of twinkly christmas lights without actually putting up my tree (I’d love to but Mr K won’t allow it yet).


 I haven’t totally filled it up yet (I have like.. a month!) but I have made a start. The drawers are actually pretty deep so can fit a reasonable amount of bits inside – I’ve currently got some mini lindt christmas bells, hot chocolate sachets and even a few alcohol minis – but I’m not divulging everything because I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I still have about 15 days to fill up so if you have any ideas please share them!

 Want to try your own Advent Calendar? You can shop HobbyCraft’s whole Calendar Making collection here:

 The plain calendars are the cheapest I’ve seen listed by far, and the quality is great!


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