A Fashion Wishlist

Alright so Christmas is coming and, although this isn’t a demand for people to buy me stuff, I do find myself subjected to the question “what do you want for Christmas?” increasingly frequently from early November.

The truth is I have no idea, but while I was browsing for inspiration I did come across a few bits that are really cool. Not necessarily Christmas wishlist stuff, but things I’m enjoying wanting right now.


Satchel – Malone in Berry, by Matt & Nat | Shampoo – Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo | Coat – New Look | Glasses – Scout Costello Frames from Glasses Direct | Top – Mango | Faux Leather Skirt – H&M | Hot Toddy Shower Gel & Reindeer Rock soap – Lush

That Malone satchel from Matt & Nat is just lovely. It sort of reminds me of the Chloe Paraty bag except about 10% of the price plus Matt & Nat products are Vegan & Cruelty Free, so its a pretty much guilt free handbag.
Sadly, this design is sold out right now, so I’ll just have to keep watching.

Last week I did a shout out on Twitter for a Cruelty Free Clarifying Shampoo recommendation after having a really bad hair week. The response overwhelmingly suggested Avalon Organics products and after doing a bit of research I think this lemon clarifying shampoo seems to be just the ticket.
The trouble is, although it’s probably fantastic, I’ve never spent £6 on a shampoo before.
I’m still braving the inner turmoil.

The New Look coat is not quite what I’m looking for, but I’ve had my eye out for a faux fur collar coat in a baggy, boyfriend fit for ages – the cincher has been that I don’t want it to be wool. I mean, everyone goes nuts about not wearing real fur cause it’s cruel, but the wool industry is pretty cruel too.
The New Look one is the only synthetic one I could find in a shape I liked, and now that’s sold out. Anyone who can suggest a place to shop for such a garment please let me know!

The glasses are not so much a want as a necessity. I always think I’ll give my eyes a break from contact lenses but it’s been so long since  I got prescription glasses that my only pair is not at all strong enough to use for anything other than a quick dash downstairs to find my contacts.
I love the thick rims, I know they’re on trend right now, but thicker rims have always suited me better anyway.
I’m interested in ordering online but quite worried that if they don’t suit me I’ll be stuck with them…hmm…

Anyone who reads often will know I have this thing about breton. The Mango stripe sweater is just perfect – next time I head past Mango, this baby will be mine.

Faux leather skirt. I’ve tried like 3459349634867 of these on recently and the only one that even partway suited me was from Matalan, and it was a bit too short.
Maybe this is the sort of item I’ll just have to enjoy from afar.

And, finally, Lush’s new winter collection looks insanely wantable. I’m actively avoiding going near a Lush store just because I’m trying to save money and I’m powerless when I cross their threshold.
Nevertheless Hot Toddy shower gel with bergamot oil and winter spices just makes my mouth water, and the berry-scented Reindeer Rock soap sounds delicious.

So, that’s me for now. Just wanting away all week.
I’ve promised myself that if I cycle to work every day this week and reduce my time by over 5minutes by Friday  I can treat myself to something off this list.

Wish me luck!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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  1. The hot toddy shower gel is AMAZING. The melting snowman is something you would like too if you like hot toddies 🙂


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