A Lush Christmas | Hot Toddy, Rockin’ Reindeer & New Shampoo Bar.


Just about every blogger with fingers is writing about the Lush winter collection right now, and while I don’t normally like to join in with the tirade of tired subject matter, I did feel it necessary to write about my recent Lush purchases.

I’ve loved Lush ever since my first visit, where I bought a shower jelly that promised to smell like The Body Shop’s then discontiued Ice Blue Shampoo. I wasn’t disappointed then, nor have I ever been.

For a long time I’ve been meaning to branch out and try some of their products besides the soap and shower gel, in particular their shampoo bars. I love things which are compact, well scented and of course Cruelty Free.
I decided to try their “New” bar as, despite it being described as perfect for those with fine hair, I just loved the description of the scent – Cinnamon, Clove, Peppermint. It sounded like a Christmas delight – and since I already had my heart set on Hot Toddy Shower Gel & Rockin’ Reindeer soap I figured why not go the whole festive hog and try it out.

I’m really glad I did. I’ve used the shampoo bar a couple of times now and my hair feels lovely – really soft, super clean (like, it feels like I’ve used a clarifying shampoo, but not a harsh one). The smell is lovely when you’re applying it, and it lathers up really well. I had worried that it wouldn’t last very long but after using it I can tell this will be pretty good value for money.

The description claims that the nettle & peppermint stimulate the scalp whilst rosemary soothes and adds a lovely shine.
I usually find Shampoo descriptions full of hyperbole and come out of the bathroom expecting Jennifer Aniston hair, whilst ending up more like Tracy Emin. I’ve used New twice now and have had compliments on my hair (gosh, its so shiny! Ooh it looks so healthy!) left right & centre.
It is for fine hair, though, so I can only wonder what delights would be in store if I purchased one designed for my hair type. My next purchases from their hair care range will definitely include Karma Komba and Big Solid Conditioner.

As you can see above I also bought Hot Toddy which is so lovely. It smells like sweet whisky and honey, and when used in a super hot shower the steam infuses with the scent too, and it’s almost like being in a really boozy steam room, or being turned into a human cocktail. The scent doesn’t stay on your skin too strong, but when I use it in the mornings I often catch a whiff of it while I’m walking around.
It is lovely but its pretty pricey – something I’m happy to have as a luxury treat once a year over Christmas. I love a luxury shower gel, but for the rest of the year I’m quite happy with me £4 Body Shop Moringa gel which has become my signature rest-of-year scent.

Finally I got Rockin Reindeer, which will be the feature of another post in the coming weeks as I haven’t unravelled it yet. That’s the trouble with Lush – their products are so pretty I never want to start using them.
What a fool.

Have you tried any of Lush’s winter range? What are your favourites?



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