Wildlife | Watching Mr Robin.


love watching birds through the window – a hobby which was passed down from my nan, which I think I’ve now passed on to Pugh. Trouble is, since I moved into a house with a teensy back yard I’ve struggled to think of ways to get them close. We have no room for a bird table, and our yard wall needs a bit of TLC before we can start to drill in holes to fit a bird house.

However For All We Know kindly offered to send me a (super cute) vintage repurposed teacup bird feeder to try out in my teensy little yard – and that, my friends, is how I’m going to get Mr Robin into my yard this winter!
I haven’t seen him on the ball yet, but he’s inching his way in. Some days I see him on the wall. Other days on the washing line. He’s moving in – and when he does, I’ll be here to watch him.


(Note: I haven’t hung the feeder so close to the ground – just my garden isn’t very attractive and the only sensible place I could hang the feeder wasn’t particularly photogenic, so I had to relocate it for photographs near Buddha and the toadstool.)

For All We Know specialise in beautiful homewares which are designed and made in Britain. Their range includes gorgeous art-inspired tableware, tea sets and the lovely bird feeders I’m talking about now. I had never heard of them before this feature, but I can assure you that I’ll be revisiting them. I love my things to have lots of character, and character oozes from their designs. Their focus on keeping it British is lovely, and they are totes anti-waste, repurposing odd teacups to create lovely and unique pieces. Aside from wanting just about everything they have designed to style my house, I think these feeders would be a wonderful gift for somebody into their gardening. The fat ball can easily be replaced so it’s great to give alongside extra fat balls, or perhaps with a fatball recipe card for the crafty gardener.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check on Mr Robin…



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