Plus Size Fashion with House of Fraser*

House of Fraser used to be one of my favourite places to shop for fashion whilst I was at University. I was considerably more slender then (the perks of walking 4 miles to campus each day and being on your feet a lot) and as I got a job, stopped moving so much and my size went up,  I just stopped shopping there. I assumed that as a department store they wouldn’t cater for me any more. Ain’t nobody in Selfridges buying a size 16 jumper.

Let me just be clear here – if you’re looking for a plus sized blogger, you haven’t found one. I’m one of those (un)lucky girls on the cusp – not quite plus size, but not consistently “regular” sized either. I can buy a size 12 in Asda, but often find a size 18 being too snug in Matalan. Go figure.

Anyway,  when House of Fraser contacted me to review some pieces from their Plus Size Collection, I was really interested to give it a go (despite the usual gripe that “plus size collection” should just be part of the regular collection – we don’t buy plus size food, plus size books or plus size furniture… but thats life).

I headed right over to the site and was so pleased to see Junarose on the stock list – a brand I’ve heard loads about from fellow bloggers and have been dying to try out.  The range is pretty good, with a variation of styles that will suit loads of tastes. In particular their partywear is lovely, which is sort of a plus for this time of year. Throwing caution to the wind (and forgetting about my work Christmas party) I picked up the Stud Shift Dress which is currently reduced to a stonking £24! It’s not a style I usually go for but I’ve also always fancied trying a shift dress. What better time to try?

IMG_4678To be honest, this came up a little bit too big for me, so I’m going to have to swap it. It’s pinned in the back so you should know the dress falls a teensy bit longer than it looks right there. It has darts, so should be fitted, but since it was too big on me you didn’t quite get the idea without the pinning.
It’s my first try with Junarose so I wasn’t sure how the sizes ran – I’ll size down from now on!

To compliment it (and just about everything else I wear frequently) I got this Linea Sequin Collar – I’ve been on the market for a detachable collar forever but found all of the plain ones to look a bit drab. This one is just perfect, a good balance of festive and glam but not too garish that it can’t be worn year-round. It’s also super comfy considering its sequinned – no annoying itchiness yet and I’ve worn it most every day.
Sadly, the collar on the Junarose dress fell too low for the items to be worn together, but I love them equally even though the two never shall meet!

IMG_4674I know it’s weird that I showed it as worn by a vase, however the picture I took of me wearing the collar later revealed itself to have captured how I have 2 different coloured eyes.
It’s not actually as pronounced in real life, but there you go – a groovy mutation.

IMG_4673Um, so yeah… my eyes look pretty weird and I felt like it took focus away from the beautiful collar.

The site has this really cool size guide helper which was really good in helping me select my size for the dress. You enter sizes of clothing from other brands that fit you really well, and they calculate your recommended size on an item-by-item basis. Amazing! (tip: don’t use H&M clothing to do this, they’re well erratic).

Anyway, I love my new pieces from the HOF Plus Size collection and I’m really glad that an old shopping flame has been rekindled!
Did you know they offered a plus size collection alongside their “regular” collection?



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