Secret Santa & Stocking Filler Inspiration 2014

Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers are some of the most fun you can have buying (and receiving) christmas gifts. I decided to start my gift guides with these because Secret Santa deadlines are usually around 18th December – so if you haven’t been thinking about it yet, you better get cracking!

I just want to make it clear, I know most people shop for Secret Santa at like 8pm the day before it’s due, in Asda. Mainly because it’s hard to buy for a stranger. However, with just basic knowledge of a person and their likes/dislikes you can do so much better than a mini box of roses or a wild stab at a wine mini which will only be consumed in a post-pub 2am no-booze emergency.

 Start the perfect gift project by finding out even the tiniest snippet of information about your recipient. Do they have a pet, children, like gadgets or gardening? Do they cook, run or love movies? A tiny bit of information can go a long way.

 Here’s a few ideas that might inspire you to give a little smarter in your stockings and secret santa projects this year – all under £10!


 Here you have the avid dog owner’s gift – the Doggy Incredibubbles. Most dog owners get more enjoyment watching their dogs have fun than from any other source (fact), so if you have a dog lover on your list this is a pretty good place to start.

The Wallet Ninja series is really cool and this multi-tool edition is pretty nifty for gifting to the gadget lover or serial odd-jobber. It’s a credit card sized wonder that does just about everything your standard toolkit can.

Got a foodie or baking enthusiast in the draw – or maybe even a confessed office sweet tooth? BakedIn do a range of easy peasy cake kits to help even the most hopeless cook create gooey, delicious brownies using just a cup and a microwave. Literally suitable for everyone.

Did you pick the gardener or outdoorsy type? Check out these flower grenades – inspired by guerilla gardening, they have just the right amount of novelty vs practicality for the lazy landscaper.

For the scrooges (or christmas enthusiasts) what about a grow-your-own mini Christmas tree? It should be ready for just about this time next year, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving (or the gift that keeps requiring you to give…)

 Obviously these ideas don’t apply to everyone – or even half of everyone. Basically what I’m trying to say is think about your recipient. If you hardly know them, do a bit of homework. Get your desk buddy to ask their desk buddy what they enjoy doing at weekends. Read their facebook or linkedIn. Check what junk is on their desk. Be Sherlock for the afternoon.

 Hopefully this has helped a little bit – even if only to get you inspired.
If your office is like mine, you’ll be getting your Secret Santa name on Monday – good luck, lets raise the bar this year!



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