Easy Marshmallow Recipe [UK Ingredients]


Okay, these aren’t super quick and they do take a little bit of attention to detail, but the photo below is from my first try and I’m rubbish with tricky recipes – so this is something you can totally make and they keep for a while.

Most recipes called for a stand mixer but I thought “heck no” and did it by hand. I now have biceps like Arnie.  They’re delicious dropped onto a hot chocolate, and much much fluffier than shop bought mallows. They can be flavoured or coloured to suit your taste. They can also be easily made vegetarian (most store bought contains pork gelatine) by using Vege-Gel.
I’d advise keeping these for no longer than 1 month, in an airtight container, somewhere cool.
I also advise melting them onto just about anything that you can think of because MY LAWD are they tasty.


Note: If you’re visiting from over the pond, you’ll notice this version takes egg and no corn syrup. You can substitute golden syrup for the same amount of corn syrup and it’ll come out the same, but add a pinch more vanilla extract.


Icing Sugar
1 tbsp Golden Syrup
Vegetable Oil
Gelatine Powder (3 packs or 4tbsp – I used VegeGel)
2 Egg Whites (I used powdered)
400g Granulated Sugar.
Vanilla Extract
Food dye (optional)

Most recipes will tell you that you need a candy thermometer and a stand mixer, but I did this totally by eye & hand, which is hard but very doable. That’s right. No stand mixer and no candy thermometer.


1. Take your phone away, prepare a drink, do anything else that might distract you before you start.

Now you’ve done that you can line a 9x9inch tray with baking parchment, oil that then sprinkle it with icing sugar. That’ll stop the mixture sticking to the paper and becoming gross.

2. Add the gelatin or vege-gel to 1/2 of the water and stir a little. Put to one side.

3. If you’re using powdered eggwhites prepare them now, there won’t be time later.

4. In a pan, over a medium heat, melt the sugar, water and golden syrup until you can pour it without seeing grains of sugar in the liquid.

5. This is the scary bit. If you’ve got a candy thermometer you want to bring the mixture to the boil and maintain until 115C (240f). If you’re nuts like me and you’re just using the eye, just keep on letting it boil, far past the stage where you’d expect it all to stick to your pan. You want it to go a really glassy amber colour, and the surface will be more or less completely covered with bubbles.
When you pour some with a spoon you’ll be able to see through it, and if you drop a little in some cold water it’ll curl up and make a ball, which, when touched, will have the consistency of a Vimto bar.

6. When its like this turn off the heat right away. You have to act fast now. Whisk the egg whites into a thick-ish froth. Like the top of a cappuccino. If you’re doing this by hand be quick – just whisk that badboy like your life depends on it. If you’re using a hand mixer, well… laa dee daa.

7. Stir the gelatin into the sugar-water-syrup mixture for a few minutes then tip that mixture gradually into the egg whites. BE CAREFUL GUYS its super hot.

8. Again, if you’re working with a stand mixer, you’ve got about 13 minutes free to do whatever. If you’re being a beast like me and working by hand, you can expect to be mixing, whisking, folding for about 20 minutes – 30 minutes, or until the mixture feels ribbony and stiff, like you’re making meringue. You want the consistency of the inside of a marshmallow teacake.

9. Turn the mixture out into the sugared pan and spread it out with a metal spoon. I’d advise greasing the spoon too – it’ll stick anyway but it seems to help a bit.

If you’re feeling well creative here you can pour on a little more food colouring and swirl it around with a cocktail stick. I only thought of that after I made them, before writing the post up, so….

10. Dust the surface with icing sugar, cover and leave for about 2 hours. Most recipes say 8 hours but whatever, I don’t like to wait and you probably don’t either.

11. Chop it up to your desired size, and roll the bare sides (the sticky bits) in icing sugar to stop them sticking to everything. Cover them up now because it’ll stop them going crispy and stop everyone eating them right away.

Phew!  Don’t let all that writing put you off. It’s totes worth it and you’ll be doing a deep belly laugh when you’re melting a couple of these bad boys into your hot choc!



5 thoughts on “Easy Marshmallow Recipe [UK Ingredients]

  1. I really enjoyed reading the recipe and your humour in it is catchy! How would you do this recipe vegan, without egg whites? Thanks in advance!


  2. This recipe is brilliant, i used 120ml of water with the vege-gel and 120ml water for the sugar mix. It came out super fluffy and I’m so very impressed☺


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