Christmas Snack Roundup | Easy Festive Treats

If you’ve been reading recently you’ll have seen some Snackmas posts for the Cotton Traders advent calendar.
If you haven’t been checking the calendar than you better take a peek here. 

Here’s a roundup – I’ve got my bff coming over Saturday for a stay-home double date with Mr K & I and her boyfriend, so I’ll be cooking up some of these delights plus some sneaky savouries I couldn’t cook up in time for this to go live.

Anyway, click the pictures for the Marshmallow & Popcorn ball recipes – the Nut Brittle one is below!


These peppermint popcorn balls are so moreish I’ve found myself pretty much cooking them constantly.
I’ve also made a cranberry, orange & dark chocolate version. Scrummy.


Get your fluff fix with home made vegetarian marshmallows – easily made vegan too with egg substitute!
I had so much fun making these, and even got a little bit shredded in the arm department – and they taste truly delicious melted onto a hot chocolate.

Now for the new (and super duper easy) recipe!

FullSizeRender (3)

I put a festive spin on the classic Nut Brittle by using pine nuts and dried cranberries and a sprinkle of salt for a salted caramel brittle.
Delicious on its own, as a decoration for a carrot cupcake (yep!) or even crushed up and sprinkled onto hot chocolate.
It also couldn’t be easier, so get your pinny on and lets get cracking.


100g caster sugar
50g pine nuts
50g dried cranberries
pinch of salt
Before you start line and grease a baking tray – you’ll need this to turn the brittle out & make sure it doesn’t stick to everything. 

1. Put the caster sugar into a pan and keep stirring over a high heat. It’ll start melting then gradually turn a beautiful amber colour – it varies from batch to batch, but you can see the colour you’re after in the picture above.
2. When you reach that colour, quickly tip in the salt, nuts and cranberries and stir.
3. Wasting no time, turn the mixture out onto the prepared tin and leave to cool for about 5 minutes – then pop it in the fridge for about 30 minutes for it to harden.
4. Break it up, bag it up, enjoy.

 So there are some of my favourite treats to make at Christmas/over winter. They’re not necessarily your typical spiced apple pies and christmas tree cakepops, and I think that adds an extra zing to any Christmas buffet.

Plus, if you DIY them you can add gold luster dust to pretty much anything to make it extra festive!

Will you be giving any of those a go?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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