2015 Travel Wishlist

I’ve been away over Christmas (Sorry, not sorry) and now I’m back it’s time to get down to business. I thought I’d kick off the year as I mean to go on – with a whole bunch of travel.

This year is potentially one of our most adventurous for our travel plans and we’re hoping to visit heaps of places we’ve never been to before. Oh, and Memphis, because Memphis is where the heart is.

1. Japan


In 2013 we visited Shanghai to meet up with Mr K’s aunt who works out there. We agreed that when she was set to come home we’d meet her in Japan to celebrate the final leg of her travels. It looks like that’s set to be late 2015, which I’m so excited for that I’m about to start losing sleep. The plan is to spend around 10 days there and do a little tour and hopefully have a few days on the Yaeyama islands, which should be nice. We’re big on touring… and islands.

2. Istanbul

Seriously, have you seen this beautiful place? I had never really been too interested in Istanbul, although I’ve enjoyed visiting Turkey before, but when I saw this my eyes were opened. For a long weekend, this would be a lovely jaunt!

3. The Deep South

2015 also holds our most adventurous road trip to date – driving from Houston through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida over 3 weeks on the great blues trail. It’s not technically new ground in some places, but it is a new way of enjoying old ground.

4. Svalbard, Norway
I know there are tons of places to see the Northern Lights but I visited Norway a few times as a kid and really enjoyed it. Now I’m older I’m keen to see it in more detail, and Svalbard looks a beautiful way to do that – and seeing the Northern Lights is a bonus. I’m not sure how expensive this trip might be… but I’ll bet its rather.

So, besides that I’m sure there will be other plans. I’ve got my eye on Canada and Peru – but really who can fit all that in one year? I’m not made of money (and um… I have a job). We’ve promised to spend more time travelling locally too – I might finally get to enjoy some of Scotland, Wales and the England’s South coasts.

Where have you planned to see in 2015?



2 thoughts on “2015 Travel Wishlist

  1. I would love to visit Japan! I’m hoping to make it our honeymoon destination, I can’t wait to read all about your visit. Just so you know I nominated you in for The Versatile Blogger Award, you don’t have to take part it’s just a nice way to get to know other bloggers & show my appreciation for your blog 🙂 > http://goo.gl/OAwtte Nicole xo


    1. Aww thanks very much sweet! I’ll get working on mine too soon 🙂

      Japan would be a great place for a Honeymoon – and apparently this is a great time to go, the pound is quite strong there. Hopefully be saying Konnichiwa at some point this year! x

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