Reading List 2015 | Heavy & Light

I’m sure these 2015 posts are becoming tiresome already but I promise this is (one of) my last.

I’m always saying I’ll read more (I read a lot anyway) but lately I’ve got into a better habit of leaving myself time to enjoy a good book more frequently. Starting this weekend.

 This isn’t the beginnings of a book club or anything, but rather a chance to share what I’ll be reading over the next few months, if you’re interested. Obviously suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to chip in!

So here goes, some heavy & some light.

 The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw

I’m totally fascinated by physics, even if I barely understand anything more complex than GCSE level photosynthesis. I really enjoy Brian Cox’s shows so think giving The Quantum Universe a go will be interesting. Check back with me in a quarter to see if I’ve become a boffin.

 Longitude by Dava Sobel

 Continuing with science-ish books I read the blurb of Longitude whilst I was looking for another book in Waterstones and was immediately interested. Its about John Harrison – an 18th Century Clock maker who created a device which consistently and accurately measured longitude. I have read briefly about him in Fingerprints of the Gods and had meant to read up more anyway. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with this one!


The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

I’m a sucker for stories about life, time and mystery. I’m not sure what makes me think this will join the ranks of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (by Richard Bach) but I get that feeling. Basically its the story of protagonist Harry August’s first 15 lives. I say basically, but it sounds like an intricate and beautiful story that I can’t wait to dive into.

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


If Stephen Chbosky had a protege I didn’t know about, and she wrote a novel about a young girl writing to dead celebrities in an attempt to come to terms with a family loss… well, that’s the sort of book I’d want to read in 2015. I’m just sorry I didn’t know about it sooner.

That’s not all I’m planning to read (obviously) but by the time I’m done re-reading Harry Potter (I’m up to the Prisoner of Azkaban) it should be just in time to take a few of these on holiday.

Do  you have any book recommendations for 2015?

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