2 Month Triathlon | On your Marks.


The other day I was talking about how I’m lacking inspiration and not sure what to write about. Miss Pond made a suggestion to try a new challenge, and although it was a great idea, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to be challenged with.

Yesterday, though, while discussing fundraising at work, the idea of a triathlon came up and I was sold almost immediately. I really enjoyed last year’s Fitness Challenge, but felt it needed more structure, and it had no clear aim. A triathlon is perfect. It has clear goals and requirements and a set timescale for completion. It’ll also be a really tough challenge and should kill two birds with one stone since I’m trying to tone up for holiday times (srsly, in 3 months I’ll be driving from Houston to New Orleans).

So, welcome to the Two Month Triathlon – the story of how a big ole lump like me (hopefully) makes good and trains for a triathlon in just 2 (ish) months. They say that you can train for one in 12 weeks from absolute vegetable – and I’m not quite that bad. I’m a strong cyclist and a strong swimmer, so I just have to focus on bringing my running up to scratch and cobbling the whole thing together. Its one thing doing them, but doing them one after another is something else entirely.

I’ll be training to tackle:

1500m Swim (that’s 30 lengths of an Olympic pool)
40k Bike Ride
10K Run

At the moment my longest bike ride has been an impressive 85k, but it nearly broke me and took almost all day and I only did it once. I used to swim about 15 Olympic lengths a few times a week when I had a gym membership (2 years ago) and I can run close to 5k before I get a stitch. I’ve got work to do.

Keep checking in to hear about my trials and tribulations (and hopefully my successes).

This is week 1, which will consist of around 8.5 hours exercise. That will be divided as 4 hours cycling, 2 hours swimming (2x 1hr sessions) and 2.5 hours running (5x 30minute sessions). Also heaps of bananas and water.

I honestly don’t know how it’s going to go, but I’m excited to find out. It’s going to alter my diet dramatically too but I’ll post more about that in week 2.

This might be crazy, but it sounds like fun. I’ll be taking sponsorship for The Wood Street Mission via Just Giving closer to the time and I’ll post more about them in coming weeks. For now, why not read about them.

Wish me luck.

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