Momentum : Keeping Motivated past January


We’re heading into February soon, and everyone knows that means that Resolutions will go out of the window in favour of old habits and easy ways out. But why?

Studies show that if you carry on your new regimes for just 2 more weeks you’re more likely to stick to them. The average habit takes around 60 days to form – so you’re already more than half way there by now. Why give up?

I’m not normally a fan of resolutions because it feels very false, but I have used the new year as a springboard for getting healthy again following an injury last summer (and… you know… a lifetime of greed and over indulgence). I also promised myself that I’d spend less money on rubbish – see the Money Saving Tips post from about a week ago. So far both are working and surprisingly, I’m feeling more motivated than ever.

It seems so obvious now I’ve reached the waypoint, but it turns out its much easier to stick to something once you’ve seen the changes for yourself. I’m already in better shape and so is my bank balance – and that’s after less than a month. It can only get better, right?

I’ve found it helps to check in on my progress every now and again. I’m writing down my weight & measurements in my diary every couple of days. I’m checking my bank balance more. For me, the key to success so far has been constant reminders of my success rather than rebuttals for my failings. I took advice from Gretchen Ruben and left myself reminders on my phone & in my diary, just to say “you’re doing great”.

Positive reinforcement works. I sort of knew that already but I’ve never been famed for my willpower until recently. I’m pushing myself harder in my workouts and I’m resisting spending temptations with impressive force. I haven’t even bought a coffee since before Christmas, and I’ve not made any hasty purchases (even though I’ve had my eye on a gorgeous Tatty Devine necklace…)

If you’ve promised yourself you’ll do something this year – do it. Why waste another year waiting to start again on January 1st? Let’s all promise to be back here next January talking about how well we did in 2015.




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