Two Month Triathlon | One Week In

Last week I shared a new challenge which I’ve set for myself – the 2 month triathlon – where I’ll go from vegetable to machine and complete a whole triathlon with just 2 months training.

I adopted this challenge on a bit of a whim, and the weather this week has been obscene so I was really worried about whether I’d give up after a couple of days. I’ve really surprised myself, though – not only am I still doing it, I don’t mind doing it.
Not only do I not mind but I actually quite enjoy doing it. Fancy that.

This week has been more of a learning curve and a mapping exercise – I had to find out where I was at so I could set a plan of where I need to be.
On Friday last week I took a cycle to the local pool to see how my swimming is. I managed 500m (10x Olympic lengths) in around 30mins (I prefer breast stroke you see) and only left because it was becoming very splashy in there.
I’ve also spent some extra time pushing myself with the running, which I can comfortably knock out around 3.5k on flat ground without much hassle and I’ve been religiously pounding out 2k every evening after work. Next week that will up to 3k and so on until it becomes too hard.

I’m not at all worried about the cycle, but I’m planning on getting in some practise by cycling to/from work when this abysmal downpour lets up.

So far I’m feeling massively energised and really excited about the challenge. I find myself waking up wishing I was home from work so I could take a run. I’m making better food & drink choices. I’m counting steps and taking the stairs at work. It’s all very serious.

Physique wise I’ve been working on abs and legs for a few months so I’m already starting to see an improvement in strength and stamina in that respect – not quite enough to just squeeze out a triathlon, but I’m feeling much more optimistic than I was.

I have some other good news, too. Mother T has agreed to join me on the triathlon.
Fitness wise (and, you know, everything else wise too) she’s always been rather an inspiration to me – she’s one of those people who will just go out and do it. She enjoys it too, which I assume is where I’m getting it from.
She’s also good company on a challenge – we’re probably a bit like a French and Saunders sketch but we manage to motivate one another enough to get through.

Anyway, that’s my update for this week.
Come back next Friday to hear all about the charity I’ll be supporting – and maybe to see my blisters or chlorine sores or something.



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