Cramming & Jamming | A Learned Weekend


I haven’t done a weekend roundup post for ages and I don’t really plan on reinstating them to divulge just how dull my free time is, but this weekend I spent some time doing things I want to do instead of things I felt I should do, and it’s been very refreshing indeed. I’m only sharing this because the Two Month Triathlon post I’ve prepared is just out of reach – who knew I got up too early to properly photograph a suitable breakfast? Stay tuned for that post in a few days though.

With our trip to the dirty south looming ever closer I’ve been set on self improvement for months – I’m already doing a healthy amount of exercise each day so for the rest of my free time which I’d usually spend eating, I have to keep myself occupied. This weekend I had a burger out on Friday and a curry with my BFF on Saturday – my self improvement scheme was feeling under threat, so I had to take drastic measures to achieve satisfaction on Sunday.


What better time to finally crack out that harmonica I bought for myself a few months ago?
It’s something my dad tried to teach me many years ago (he’s the Paul McCartney type who can pick up an instrument and figure it out with a few hours messing) but I never quite got the hang of bending notes, which is rather a handicap. However with Mr K’s guitar lessons I’ve been getting closer to the Blues and figured its about time I learned some proper scales and got my rhythm in check.

You know what though, playing the harmonica is tiring! Its potentially one of the easier instruments to pick up in some senses, but the technique does take some mastery and its quite demanding. It hurts your lips too.
I switched right over to the guitar after that, and I have to admit it did help a little even though I struggled. The tempo and rhythm seems to come easier to your hands once you’ve produced it through your mouth.

I gave myself a break (if you could call it that) and started on a book I’ve been meaning to read for months – The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw. I’m not the sort of person with vast scientific knowledge but it does interest me greatly and quantum physics specifically has intrigued me for the past year or so. I’m only a few chapters in and it hasn’t bent my brain yet, but watch this space for a heap of confusion and distress.

How was your weekend?



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