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First of all, let’s not get into a debate about how gorgeous Robyn Lawley and her incredible body is labelled “Plus Size” instead of “Unstoppably beautiful woman”. Like the rest of us.

With holiday season approaching (ten weeks, yo!) we’re all naturally inclined to enviously trawl the bikini bodies given to us by Glamour and Cosmopolitan. We learn to think that only being miniscule will look fantastic in beachwear (it does look fantastic) but it’s not a realistic mission for many of us, me included. There’s plenty of me to go around and I don’t enjoy starving myself and exercising until I’m sick, which is the only way I, personally, could achieve such a look.

This year I’m already thrilled to see curvier, bustier women with heaps more thigh and belly looking absolutely radiant in swimwear campaigns all over the internet. As you’ll all know I’m on a bit of a fitness kick and these images are a huge confidence boost – fit and size 6/8 are not mutually exclusive.

This year my Beach Inspiration is to feel good and I’m sure the rest will follow.

While I’m at it though, I have spied a few nice swimsuits I’ll be contemplating adding to my collection; This, This, This and This would all fit in nicely with my plans this summer. What do you think?

Are you already looking forward to swimwear season?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


2 thoughts on “Swimwear | On Beach Bodies.

  1. Among all 4 swimsuits to linked to, I personally prefer the second one, with large flowers. However, I like the fourth one as second option, because anchors are those objects I associate with ocean. Have a great vacation 🙂


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