Two Month Triathlon | Limbs, Swims and Slimmer Chins.


Last week I skipped out on the Two Month triathlon post because, well, who really wants to read about me running, swimming and cycling on a weekly basis? Not much to say from Friday to Friday if I’m honest, unless you want specific stats (in which case PM me, you weirdo).

 I thought it was alright to check in today though since I’ve finally started to see an improvement worth commenting on.

 I knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be easy but I have been surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed the challenge despite struggling in areas I thought I’d be OK in. Swimming, for instance, has proven harder than I expected since I consider myself a strong swimmer. Fridays are swim days, and last time I cracked out half of my proposed distance and it almost broke me. I’ll admit I wasn’t having a great day to begin with, but it was rather disconcerting. It was after school swim, though, and I got splashed in the eye several times. Could have been why.

  My brain seems to have changed too – I’m enjoying going for a run now, and even getting competitive with myself. Cycling as usual is a wee in the breeze but nevertheless my body isn’t use to being treated with such vigour – and it’s exhilarating. My limbs mostly feel like they’ve had concrete piped in through IV whilst I sleep, but in a good way.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How have I improved?

Well, I’ve dropped half a stone in weight and I’m already finding my clothes being baggy for starters, which is nice. I think that’s a combination of the extra exercise and committing to eating well which has always been a struggle. I’ve stopped missing crisps, chocolate, pop, chips etc and I had a burger for dinner last Friday and didn’t really enjoy it as much as usual. I’m a new woman and I enjoy snacking on ants on a log these days.

 Physical fitness is also through the roof (in me terms, not in human terms…) and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my times and distances. Even my cycling has benefited and I’ve shaved 10 minutes off my 6-mile journey to work. My runs are getting further and marginally faster – hitting around 4-5k in 30 minutes most times. Previously I was lucky to hit 2km in half an hour and my legs were screaming. They still scream, but at 2K I’ve barely broken a sweat now.

 So, all in all it’s been a great challenge to set myself. I’m still motivated and still excited by it because I can see enough effect to know its working, but have enough challenge left not to be bored.

 When this post goes live I’ll be asleep, prepping for Friday Bike & Swim day which leaves me totes exhausted.

How about some Friday motivation for me to read when I wake up?

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