PJs for Your Ears | SleepPhones Review*

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I’ve never fallen into the category of someone who struggles to sleep, but I have tried to get some uninterrupted shuteye on long haul flights, on car journeys and even on a really loud ship. It’s hard.

 With a long haul flight coming up, I had started to do some research on ways to block out distracting noises without stuffing my ears with those uncomfortable buds. I have to drive as soon as we land, so being reasonably well rested is high on my priority list.
Right about the time I was starting to panic about this, I was gifted with an amazing product – Sleepphones – and that’s what I want to talk about today.

 It’s a comfy, fleecy headband which has slimline earphones running through the centre, enabling the wearer to enjoy some relaxing music, an audiobook or whatever sounds they enjoy whilst trying to drift off to sleep.
You can get a wired or wireless version, and its compatible with just about any item that uses a standard AUX (or Bluetooth for the wireless one).  It sounded absolutely genius, and I was excited to give it a go.

Since I don’t have much trouble sleeping usually, I used this the first time just to see how well it cancelled surrounding noise. I threw on my iPod whilst Mr K was playing Call of Duty, which is traditionally rather a loud occurrence in our house. I was able to forget the sounds of CG warfare and get on with reading a reasonably complicated book without so much as an upward glance. It was a good start.

 It was at this point the true versatility of SleepPhones struck me. I’m a keen(ish) runner and I wondered whether it would be suitable for  keeping my ears warm and entertained in the subzero conditions we endured recently. I chose the wired version as my iPod is ancient, and this means you connect the iPod through a wire which comes out of the back of the headband, so I was a bit worried this would get in the way whilst running. Nevertheless I gave it a go the next day and was pleased to find that the wire didn’t get in my way at all. It’s actually much longer than I expected. There’s also room inside the headband to stuff in your iPod anyway, so if you have a playlist you don’t need to skip, you can just tuck in the iPod, fasten the velcro and get moving.
The material doesn’t really support running though – I suspect fleece would get stinky quickly if you used it frequently (although it is washable). I was then pleased to discover the same company also produce RunPhones which are made from a more lightweight mesh – but that’s another story.

In short, I really love my SleepPhones and they’ve become a staple of my daily life very quickly – whether throwing them on to enjoy some calming notes whilst reading or using them to lull me off to sleep when next door’s music is just too loud on a Saturday night. I even wear them while blogging now to stop me getting distracted by TV. Plus, until I get around to ordering RunPhones, I’m using them now and again to run in, when it’s super cold.  I’m also pleased to say I’ve washed them a few times already, and they are holding up just fine!

So, would I recommend it?
In short, yes. I’ve had no problems with mine and they’ve been very useful indeed. They are a bit pricey, starting at £29.99, but I’d certainly say it’s a worthwhile investment. I can’t wait to snuggle down with them on my flight to Houston in a few weeks.
My main recommendation, though, is to check your head measurements. Mine is a medium which is fine for me and my big head, but my mum tried it on and it kept falling down over her ears!

Happy sleeping, running and listening, guys!

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