Two Month Triathlon | Pain Stops Play.

 I know it seems like every time I set myself a sporty challenge I bail out from injury.
This isn’t that, guys, and I can’t wait to get back out on my newly sculpted runners legs.

 On Friday afternoon I got home from work and started to move a wardrobe from our middle bedroom to the back bedroom (part of a dressing room we’re setting up) and, stupidly, didn’t wait for help. I managed to get it (full and upright) halfway before dropping it onto my foot, which more or less severed with the force.

It really hurt and swelled up  almost immediately which meant that my Friday was spent enjoying the sights & sounds of A&E. Luckily (I suppose) I’ve only damaged some soft tissue and muscle rather than breaking or fracturing anything, but obviously it’s set back my training for the two-month triathlon. Just after I was saying how well I was doing and how surprised I was that I was coping.

When I got home from A&E I felt so sorry for myself that I had a curry. Then I felt guilty all night. Then I felt drunk because I had a rum & blackcurrant.

This post was supposed to be another triumph of exercise and physical excellence but instead it’s more of a freak out that I’ve spoiled the whole project.

 I’ve started going back out for gentle jogs the past couple of days, which turn quickly into a crooked hobble, but at least it’s keeping me in the routine of exercise, even though it’s not very physical. I know the battle for me is 90% in my mind, so if I start relenting with the going out, I’ll stop altogether.
This week I’ve planned a few gentle swims to ease back in, but I’m waiting for the beautiful purple-grey hue of my foot to ease up a bit before taking it out in public.

 Now I just hope I can shake this off before it takes me down!

Any tips for healing soft tissue super quick?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


One thought on “Two Month Triathlon | Pain Stops Play.

  1. No tips, just let it heal. Keeping weight off with swimming and cycling will be better than trying to run. Lots of ice packs and resting it! I’ve had to cancel a race due to being too ill to train, it’s annoying and I feel your pain. I hope yours is mended soon x x


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