Platform 5, Cheadle Hulme | Review


If you have an omnibenevolent relationship with food like I do, you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to be unbiased when reviewing a new eatery. I find it so hard that it typically takes me a mountain or two of food before I can be confident I actually like a place rather than just liking to eat.

Luckily, when I visited Foresight Restaurant’s new development, Platform 5 in Cheadle Hulme, the food was as genuinely tasty as it was abundant. It didn’t take me long to decide I liked the place. Why end the writeup there, though?

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 In partnership with Joseph Holt, Platform 5 (Formerly The Cheadle Hulme) still flows free with old favourites like Crystal and Humdinger and flaunts the now traditional cake-away bar – but in an almost unrecognisable way. Fresh and modern, the Platform 5 is well decorated and comfortable in the way that a good artisan café is – whilst still having enough grit to feel ‘right’ as a local boozer. Something for everyone. Before we got cracking with food I had a wander around and took delight in the quirky décor – cacti table markers, trough sinks, mismatched furniture. Another splendid refurbishment, and at just 10 paces from Cheadle Hulme train station this is the perfect pop-in pub for a quick bite or pre-trip drink.

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They open at 7am for breakfast and even have a train schedule board up in the coffee area, so it’s ideal for whiling away a rainy delay, or just popping in for a quick cuppa to-go.

 So, what’s the food like?


In a nutshell, flipping good. When we arrived tongues were ajitter about the sea bass, which I couldn’t resist, but I’m getting ahead of myself. There were 4 of us so for starters we enjoyed smoky mesquite wings, honey glazed chorizo, stilton mushrooms and king prawns. I had a little bit of them all (and a whole lot of Chorizo) and have never enjoyed a starter so much. Chorizo is usually super heavy but these were more sausage-y and much lighter than expected. My only disappointment was that the oil didn’t soak up much honey so I had to steal some of Mr K’s prawn butter for dipping. Ain’t no thing…

Our main courses were sea bass, mixed grill kebab, fish & chips and steak . I have it on good authority that each meal was as fantastic as it looked, and my sea bass with creamed spinach was absolutely divine – I could absolutely see what the fuss was about. True to form with pub grub there was loadson our plates – but that just meant more to share. We were almost too full for dessert when it came round. Luckily they sent us home with goody bags containing some of their more popular puddings – a Mars chocolate cake, carrot cake and giant éclair. I had the éclair which was easily one of the tastiest, freshest I’ve had outside of France. It’s definitely the sort of thing you should share, though, being roughly the size of a large baby.

 We left with the soothing feeling of being that special sort of full normally reserved for Christmas day and hopped on the train for the short 15 minute journey back to Manchester & home. It couldn’t be easier.

 Will you be paying them a visit?

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