Confessions of a Firstborn | Being Thankful.

Do you know how sometimes you have pet names for your close friends or partners?
Well, I have a pet name for my Mum – I just thought I’d start there because today’s post is all about appreciating Mother T.

I recently heard that Great Rail were running a competition to win a trip to Bruges and Ghent and all you had to do was explain why you’re thankful for your mum. Easy – and if you want to have a bash just click the link above.

You’ve all heard the phrase a picture tells a thousand words, and although I have at least a thousand words to describe my Mother T, I think that this picture encompasses them all.


I’m thankful for her because she is involved, willing, silly and a little bit insane. She loves without prejudice and she has the confidence of a billion women combined. She has always been ready to throw herself, wholeheartedly, into the support of any fad or whim me or my brother might adopt. There have been a lot of fads, and her enthusiasm has never wavered.

She might not have great make up application skills, but she has the solution to an infinite number of minor, major and not-really-there problems. She sees the funny side to thousands of potential downfalls and has never been scared of laughing at herself, which I consider to be one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned from anyone.

I’m thankful for her because she is kind to everyone and everything – and her capacity for kindness and care knows no bounds that I have ever seen. She’ll know what I mean by that – and that’s something else I’m thankful for, because she always knows what I mean, even when I don’t know myself.

I’m thankful for her because whenever I get to talk about her, I’m proud. She’s an absolute badass who loves football and running and drives billions of miles to other countries just for the fun of it and enjoys doing hard maths. She can’t wear sunglasses or say “abominable”.  She’s absolutely crackers, but doesn’t that give you a great, rich character?

To you, Mother T, you lovely human.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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One response to “Confessions of a Firstborn | Being Thankful.

  1. Liverpool2628

    Good morning daughter of mine, just read you recent Mother T blog……….What can I say
    Being a mum isn’t easy, but having kids like you 2 (even though you are both 25 & 22) make it so much easier.
    One proud mum, waiting impatiently for grand kids!!


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